Arugola Seedlings - Lifting up the Compost

Sliema, Malta

Hi, I have planted arugola seedlings in a container on Saturday, and covered them with plastic wrap. This morning (Tuesday) I saw that they were sprouting, so I removed the wrap and noticed that some of them had displaced and uplifted the top part of the compost. I sprayed some water with a mister in case they needed water, but not sure what else to do. They are currently situated in the yard, in an area that is mostly shaded, but with some direct sun. Weather here is warm (summer). Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

You should always try to let us know where you live or the zone your in to get better help as without this info, we are only able to guess at any problems you have,
I don't know your plants by that name but like all larger seeds that sprout and get thrust out from the seed pod under the soil, they do lift a small bit of soil up and even sometimes the soil will stick to the seedlings as it emerges.
This is nothing to worry about and dont try to remove any soil that sticks to the seedlings as nature, watering and further growth will help remove this soil.
I find with seed sewing it is best to water from the bottom by sitting the pot, tray or container into a basin of water till the soil goes a darker colour indicating the soil has acted like a sponge and taken up enough water, then lift the pot ect from the basin and allow to drain, this way the foliage stays dryer removing the risk of damping off disease ect, but I also find this a bit more accurate and know the roots get the water and there is no run off as when watering, sometimes most of the water runs off the dried surface and the roots don't get any moisture.

Once your seedlings grow a second set of leraves, then whenever you think they are large enough to handle, you lift the seedlings out from the soil using an old pen or pencil to help dig gently under the roots to help lift the little plants up, transplant each individual seedling into small pot or a tray that holds several plants and continue watering the same way till you need to plant outside IF your in a zone where you can do that, IF not then you need to continue to care for your plants as they grow, you need tore-pot into larger pots till suitable temps allow outdoor planting..
For outdoor planting you need to prepare the soil by digging, adding food or humus ect before the planting, water the soil before you plant IF required and again after you pant, keep the area weed free and water when needed, support if required by using canes or whatever.
Hope this helps you out a bit till someone else comes in who knows the plant by name.
Good luck. WeeNel.

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