SOLVED: Bonsai Palm [that's what I call it]

Hi everyone,
I've had this houseplant for about 9 years. I've pretty much given up on ID of this plant until now. The pot the plant is in is stuffed and the soil is very tight around the roots and needs to be repotted. This plant seems to love direct sun and doesn't mind being in a cold New York Ciry winter window. Could someone please help me ID this?


Thumbnail by earthmomma666 Thumbnail by earthmomma666
Darwin, Australia

The pictures are a bit small which makes it difficult to see detail but perhaps a Euphorbia of some kind.

Beautiful, BC(Zone 8b)

I'm pretty sure it's an Euphorbia. Maybe Euphorbia decaryi var. spirosticha

Acton, CA(Zone 8b)

my eyes are not that good... photos far too small for me to even guess

Thanks everyone for your help!!

Vancouver, BC
(Zone 8b) - Special thanks to you. You were spot on! : ). The picture from the link you provided proves it is indeed Euphorbia decaryi var. spirosticha .

Thanks again,

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