1st Pond with Critters

Nooksack, WA

Several years back DW & I put our 1st pond in. We picked a location in our garden near a large blue spruce tree. Luckily I missed all the major roots when digging. We placed the liner, stones and planted Periwinkle around it. DW bought some mini cat-tails, hardy water lily and a beautiful Louisiana Iris in pots for in the pond. Then we stood back to admire our labor and I commented as we went into the house to clean up "We should get a turtle for the pond".

The next day when we come out there is 2 turtles in our pond. Wow how cool is that!

Field Of Dreams "Build it and they will come".
After a day or so DW ask what we should feed them. No knowing for sure I think Red Ears eat that canned stuff that is ground up dried worms or something, but these two were 6" to 8" so we needed substantially more. I suggested some fish. She comes back with the best scollops money can buy but the turtles turned up their nose at it (at least when we were watching).

To make a much longer story shorter; After about a week DW brings home a flier that was posted on a local power pole "Lost 2 red eared turtles". It appears our neighbor's pets had gone out for a night on the town and never returned. After the neighbor retrieved them DW bought a plastic one till the next adventure, international turtle smuggling...story to come.

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