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Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

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Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Good Morning ....

Sandy - rest up.

Bonnie - hope you are feeling a lil bit better today.

I think today will be our last nice day... should be 75 and sunny. Temps crash to come... weekend, which is our last big weekend here, we do Halloween for the kids.... expecting upper 40s and some rain... oh boy....

DH will go home tomorrow to get Buddy and Charlie.... Alex was saying that Bud is home alone way long during hte days... Alex has school on Tues and Thurs where he's gone 12 hrs.

We put my car in storage yesterday, so I wont have wheels, but no big deal, i have some food and I have to work anyways.

Things are really winding down here which is good.

somewhere, PA

Good Morning!

I bet Bud will be really happy to have both of you home Terese! Enjoy the day. It looks like we have another very wet day here.

Sandy - thank you for the new thread. I hope Andre stays feeling well and you get some rest.

BonnieB - I was trying to remember that test for fleas. I suspect we only have them on Scirocco but I will put some water bowls w/ a light on each to check various areas. Thanks for the tip

Bonnie - how are you feeling?

We have gotten 3" of rain in the last 24hrs and its foggy and drizzling now. Not a bad day to be inside working I suppose.


Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good morning, it is a clear day but very chilly. It is grocery day for me, and I need to start getting ready to head out so that I can finish and get back home. Have several stops to make, so it will be a little more involved than an ordinary day.

Bonnie hope you are feeling lots better today.

Sandy, Poor Andrea, but poor you with him being sick and wanting to go out. Our furkids did fine during the night, but Casper let me know that he needed outside about 6:30. He is housebreaking himself. That is great.

Off and running.

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Morning! Have been busy. Monday went to Chiro right away. Then DH and I went to bank and picked up some groceries. Ate Arby's beef sandwiches on the way home. Put groceries away and headed outside.

Yesterday I headed outside and got some stuff planted and some dug up. The DS and DIL came oput and he finished his project and she did a bit of weeding. She liked my little weeding tool. Said if she had had that when living at home it would of made her weeding a lot easier! The back hill got hot so we headed in the house for a break. Then dug the rest of my potatoes and got a nice bucket full.

She made oven baked potato chunks and they were pretty good. I fried onions and hamburgers. Cooked some beans and added cottage cheese and there was supper. Plus we made a small snicker salad for a dessert item. They took home the few leftovers so all are gone.

Tam I will take some of that rain. I looked at the extended forecast are we really aren't suppose to get any. We are really dry and the dust flies when you drive across the yard. I have lost some plants due to the dryness and some are looking smaller. So don't know what will be left next year of some.

Bonnie hope you had a restful night. Glad all is going well.

Terese most of our color is gone. Seems like it left overnight. Will be good to have the furkids with you.

Sandy that is the problem with feeling better. You want to get up and do too much and look what happens, Just not fair.

Don't remember what else I read but I have to get going. Might try to get the plastic on the window today. Looked at the extended forecast and we are to be cooler and dry. The farmers are loving the dry right now as they can get their crops in lickety split!

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Crossed with you BonieB; Enjoy your day and good for Casper. Smart dog!

I guess I was repeating myself a bit up there. Oppps!

Deb sorry about the kids.

Hugs to whoever needs them.

Lyndonville, NY


You have all been so busy!

Bonnie, how are you feeling this morning, did the nurse help and you get sleep? Sure hope so. Remember the pillow to hold over your stomach
helps when walking.

Sandy, you better slow down woman! Cats were bad here...came down to toiletpaper torn up all over livingroom. What a mess.

Vicki & Terese, you two have been so busy. Send me some energy...mine is zapped.

To answer your question about idea what she wants. Opening a can of worms in my eyes. She had always been told by him that
she was not his daughter, that her mother had an affair. Well...she got brave and had a DNA test and she is 100% his daughter and she had to call
and tell him that Monday night. THEN she asked about me. He has NO daughter named Debbie. Bonnie had no daughter....doesn't know what she is talking about. Laurie gave him "what for" and he rattled of my married name, spelled it and where to find me. She has called me 3 times now.

Trying to get everything organized here and DD went right into her old pattern, no problem. She did however make her meatballs for us before she left for dinner
with her siblings. She makes them with grape jelly & chili sauce and it gives such a good flavor after simmering in the crockpot for hours.

Today is DH-s shindig at work. Of course it is outside under a huge tent....and supposed to rain. I am not a "mass" people person and have no desire, but have to go. They are celebrating a year at the new business and the head of the company from Rhode Island is throwing this for a big "thank you" and the Mayor and a few other big wigs are coming. I think I told you before, $25 a plate for the food, music, games, entertainment and who knows what else....all "free" for us all.

Going to go get breakfast and get moving. I have to leave here around 11:30ish. Sooner if I cant find a shirt and have to stop at JCPenny or Kohls.


Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Andre seems to be fine today-he helped me eat and now is going to sleep
I went to the store but rode the cart around.
I am going to try to steam some shrimp in the microwave this evening. I found some microwaveable side dishes to go with them.

Going to take it easy the rest of the day

sandy and Andre

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Well the front window has it's layer of plastic on it. Had to piece it together so hope it stays all winter. Got done just in time as the wind had started to pick up.

Deb I don't think I have any energy I just have to keep going to get all I want done. I hate when I have to do something like that. The shindig that is. But try to enjoy yourself with the people watching!

Off to separate some plants.

Verona, ON

Dull, gray day here but the temps are veru comfortable - mid 60*s.

Started a crockpot of Beef and Barley soup - of course I automatically put it in the largest crockpot we own. Thank good ness for the freezer.I really do need to get rid of some of my small appliances - I have 3 coffeemakers albeit with different sized carafes plus a coffeepot out on the counter,more than a few crockpots,finally cajoled someone into taking the second breadmaker. I am positive there are other surprises as I wade through the cupboard,

Wood pile near the side door is increasing nicewly. Funny how when you work slow and steady rather than mad dog it like we used to do how quickly the stack grows.

Diesel and Quill had a phone call last night. Tia who is Steve's and Pam's 11 year old daughter wanted to know if I wanted to go away this weekend cause she really wanted to 'babysit' the dogs. I chuckled to myself and then even harder when she asked "You won't ask anyone else to do it would you Dianne, I love those dogs?" When I asked T ia if she had her parents permission to offer this help she said yep, daddy is right here beside me do you want to talk to

Sandy I ordered some benne wafers from that company and some lemon cookies that looked just too good. Hope they are here for the weekend.- said 2 day UPS delivery

Diesel'a walk time and boy does he know it. I usually walk him for his noon walk between 11 - 12. He starts getting antsy about 11:15 - has his leash in his mouth so best I get moving.


Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

Guess it was my turn to fall...I had just woken up and gone to the kitchen. I was putting the pistacheos into a container, and I spilled some on the floor. .thought to my myself..."I could step on one of those and fall" then I stepped away from the counter, and wham! stepped on a nut, and down I went. Phil had just left for work...I had to crawl to my chair in the living room and pull myself up..Just have a couple of bruises and a headache eventhough I know I didn't hit my head. I actually didn't fall completely I fell on my right knee. I am really sore, took a hot bath and used some body wash that is supposed to be for aches and pains. I was sleepy before the fall and did that wake me up! It could have been a lot worse. I should have done some cleaning while I was on the floor..if I had been able to reach cleaning stuff I would have. I need to hire someone to come in and do a thorough cleaning of this house..I just don't have the energy to do it.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

{{{{{{{{{{Melva}}}}}}}}}}} sorry that you fell. Hoping you did not hurt your self badly.
I so understand about the need to have some one come in and clean!!!!!!!!

Dianne I ordered most of the kinds of cookies they have do not know when mine will get here.

Sandy and Andre the brat

Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

Thank you Sandy....

Verona, ON

Oh Melva I am so sorry you feel. We all seem to be on a falling spree around here. Enough already!!!

Well I am sitting here in tears but with a big smile in my heart. While going through Warren's things I have found several item squirreled away but this one takes the cake. Warren had obviously gone Christmas shopping sometime in Jan or Feb as that is the last time he was out without me planted right beside him. In his Christmas box where he keeps presents as he buy them throughout the year were 3 bags. I didn't open the bags and won't until Christmas morning. What a guy!!!

Debbie hope you had a better day today.

Elsie can you recommend a site or a Beginner Crochet book for me to look at? I just need a quick refresher before I decide to break out the old crochet hook - its been at least 12 years since I made something.Of course I can't find any of my How To books!!!

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Dianne these might help you$V2

I broiled and steamed some shrimp. And burnt my finger. At least mom ate some of them and some Cheese and mac

Waving at everyone

Sandy and Andre

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

I guess I should stay away from the kitchen tonight.

Melva, I hope you feel better.

Sandy, I hope the burn isn't too bad.

Dianne, if those links don't work out for you, let me know. How sweet about your presents.

Bonnie, how are you feeling? Your nurse has to do a better job of letting us know how you are.

Another dreary day here. I got to play with Teddy at work - and give him a cookie. He will not sit down for a cookie. He dances and sort of rolls over. I think his brain is racing through his tricks and can't do them all.

Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

Ah Dianne that is so sweet! What a nice man Warren was to think of you...
I am sore and gimping a long...not even many bruises which is a good (and unusual thing) before I fell I was thinking about having some ice I am thinking about throwing it away.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Elsie the burn is not bad, get a blister, I put in into water right away and it does not even hurt now.

Sandy and Andre

somewhere, PA

I've had a crazy day with work and am happily eating dinner. I can tell things are not going to be calming down anytime soon at work.

Melva - sorry about your fall. Don't you hate it when you realize you should do something to prevent an injury but then it happens anyway? Got my fingers crossed its just a few bruises that will heal quickly.

Dianne - bittersweet I'm sure. I hope you are not planning on a "on my own" Christas as well! cluck cluck cluck... I think BonnieB gave you some really good advice about TG and trust you will think this through.

Loretta - no injuries in my household tonight so we're not all cursed today. Maybe you can brave the kitchen.

Sandy -glad it wasn't too bad of a burn!

~~ to everyone else. Have a great night.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Gosh, I am peeping in the door, and I am afraid to come in. The falling stuff may be catching!

Melva, so sorry to hear about your fall. I am hoping that you didn't really hurt yourself, as sometimes it is the next day before you realize you have a serious injury. Whatever were you doing?

Sandy, you too on the burn, but saw that you had done the right thing and it is now just a memory.

Elsie, Teddy sounds so funny. Trying to do all of his tricks to get the cookie.

Tammy, so does that mean that you will be going back to CA soon? Gosh, wish that things would settle down and you could work from home all the time. Did you contact your kitchen designer about your brainstorm on the kitchen design?

Dianne, that is so sweet to think that Warren was thinking of next Christmas and had already bought gifts for you. How can you stand the suspense of waiting? It could well be something that he wanted you to have right away.

Bonnie hope that the nurse is doing his job well, but tell him to check in and let us know how everything is going.

Debbie, I would imagine from what you have said that the Step sister? is only just excited to know that you exist, and may just want to know you better. Don't just dismiss her because you have the same DF, or she is in the same family. Sometimes there is only one rotten apple in a barrel.

Well, got a call today, My surgery is back on. And I have already made plans for vacation etc. Guess I will go ahead and report on Friday for preop stuff and then on Tuesday for surgery. DH had already planned a trip out of town on Tuesday, so will just ask a friend to drive me. No big deal on that.

Busy day today, after getting home from grocery shopping, I ran a few local errands, then came home and cooked supper, showered and off to Bible Study. Tired but know that I will stay home tomorrow and get all caught up again.

Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

Bonnie B. I went to the store last night and bought a big bag of pistacheo nuts....this morning I was putting them into a container..some of them spilled and I stepped on one of the nuts...I don't think I did much soon as the debate is over I am going to take another hot bath..that should help.
this is the aches and pains body wash
I put it on a wash the water it makes the tub too slippery.
I like this one too.

Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

We ordered pizza...I gave the delivery man what I thought was the right amount plus a tip...the driver came back to the door...I had given him $80! If he had not come back to tell me!

Lyndonville, NY

BonnieB, so so sorry you have to have the surgery after all. that just stinks!!!

The shin-dig at DH's work today was really nice. Good food, nice to visit with some of the people and quite a few retirees came back to visit. State Senator, Rochester Mayor and several other big wigs were there. We were there from 2:00 til about 5:15 and glad to come home and crash!!!

Melva, keep ice on that knee.....and sit still for a bit. Hope it is just minor bruising.

Sandy, I hope you feel better also...burns hurt!!! Hope Andre is better also.

Bonnie, how are you doing today?

I need to read a bit....and de-chill. Have my head swimming in circles big time!!!


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Lyndonville, NY

Melva, that is an honest guy.....good for him!

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

He sure was an honest person. You should have tipped him a little more for that!

Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

I should have but I was so flustered it didn't happen. I wish I had gotten his name. I am going to try to call tomorrow and offer him $10?

Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

We have a friend who is getting married this month. Phil wants to give them a gift certificate from Wal-mart...but I am thinking maybe from somewhere else, but where?

New Smyrna Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

Hey gals. I have mostly been sleeping in my recliner for the last two days. Today I awoke three and a half hours after taking my pain meds. I was totally disoriented. Did not know if I had slept overnight or not. I looked around my surroundings for clues and determined that I had fallen asleep around 10:30 AM and it was then 2:00 PM. The green beans I set out to snap at 8:30 were still on the table next to me. My nurse was still snoozing between my legs. i did not need another pain pill until just a few minutes ago. I had a shower and shampoo this morning. All elimination functions are working properly. Progress is being made. Maybe tomorrow I can try to put on my compression garments for my legs and use the pump. Remembering how to do the ballet plie has proved to be very valuable. Now if I could only run away from home thing might improve. DM came over here this afternoon with her travel plans from now until the end of the year which were not open for discussion. Even a response of, "We'll see." brought her right to the brink of fighting mode........she informed me that she was going whether I was going or not. Then she told me she had asked a family member, (by marriage) to send her the names of nursing homes in her city - five hours away - that she wanted to go there because that family member would take care of her. She has heart!! This family member takes care of her MIL (DM's 95 yr old first cousin) . All the info is coming to DM. I don't have to do anything. DM is going to handle everything herself. Right. DM can no longer legally sign a check since the bank does not accept her new photo ID. AND DM is almost totally void of cash. I am scrambling to liquidate assets to raise cash!!!
Again I tried to keep my responses vague, which riled her. I asked her to please calm down. I did want to fight. I was sick. I needed to rest.

Friends, I am not equipped to deal with her at this juncture. On Saturday our maid came over to tell me DM had told her we were moving to FL. I to my condo and she to assisted living. She was calm and satisfied. That was news to me. Today, this new, ridiculous, plan......................

It took me 12 hours, but I finally got my Green Beans New Orleans cooked today before they went bad in the fridge.

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Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Good morning everyone


Andre is fine but looking for more trouble to get into.

I have a blister but no pain-thankfully I had not let out the rinse water to stick my hand into.(was washing dishes and the sinks full to clean what is used)

Going this morning to have the last shot in my left knee and the second in my right one.

Waving at everyone

Sandy and Andre

somewhere, PA

Good Morning!

Melva - I think just calling the pizza place with praises for the delivery guy would be good gesture. See if you can talk to the owner.

Bonnie - Glad your recuperation is progressing and that your nurse is so diligent. When I google New Orleans' style green beans, it looks like that would be garlic in with the green beans? What else? Is it corn? I think your response to your DM that you simply can not discuss this now is the right one. YOu are not in physical shape to have such conversations. Besides, even if you agree to everything she says, it will all be different in a few days so won't matter.

Sandy - I hope things go smoothly this morning.

Debbie - I remember you talking about these girls over the last number of years and nothing but bad news. You do not need any more negativity in your life So glad the big event was more enjoyable than anticipated. How nice it was during the work day too!

BonnieB - we did the soapy water dish under a light test in four places. Not one flea. We're going to try it in more areas tonight but feel more hopeful now.

Scirocco was in an amazing mood this morning, running around all over the bed, attacking all the mice under the folds of the covers. LOL I sure hope this means she's feeling better. I could not find any fleas but couldn't be thorough as she wanted to get the mice and not be still for me.


Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Tam that is good news. Sometimes when I find fleas on Mr. B my imagination runs away with me, and I envision us being overrun with the critters. Glad that Scirroco is much more active and has the mouse population in check, even if it is only in her imagination.

Bonnie, you did the right thing in not responding. Sort of like someone wanting to fight and you walking away. Probably made her more angry than if you had gotten riled up. Your beans look good, I will bring the corn bread and we can have a merry time eating. Glad your nurse is still on duty and not shirking it.

Sandy, hope the other shots will kick in and combine with the new ones so that you will soon be doing back flips and cartwheels. Yippee Skippy.

Melva I agree with Tammy, maybe a call to the owner of the pizza place telling them what an honest person the delivery guy was would earn him extra compensation at work, just on your testimony. I think he deserves something especially in this day and age.

Gonna try to finish the rest of my paper work, plus am doing a dog sitting job for my DBIL, who is having open heart surgery as we speak. I am praying that things go right by the book and he is a new creature when he recovers.

Need to get started.

Lyndonville, NY

This is the news story on last night about DH's work. All the machines they show....are what DH fixes when they are broken and need maintenance.
Dave in the story is the guy that came out two years ago and helped us put a new roof on. Nice guy.

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Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

I am back now to be quite for a bit.

BonnieB I do not think any cartwheels are in my future but just being able to walk would be great.

Waving at everyone

Sandy and Andre

Balotesti, Romania(Zone 5a)

Hi all! I'm working second shift and time goes by like crazy! I've been gardening a lot in the veggie garden lately because I had to take care of the tomatoes. They are still growing and I wanted to have them in a good shape for as long as the good weather continues. Then I will pick all up and make pickled green tomatoes.
I also have a very good news to share with you : I just won 2 second places...and a few 4, 5 , 6 and other places at other the DG County Fair contest. The prize was a 6-month subscription for each 2nd place, sooo I have all next year covered! I couldn't be happier, especially now when my subscription was about to expire (on October 3rd) and the contest results were released on the 1st...whohoooo!!!! I was so relieved and happy and proud, all in one time!
I'm posting the link to the contest so you can see all the winners and runner-ups :

Waving to all! It's late and I need to go to bed.


New Smyrna Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

Ya know if this wasn't so serious, it would be funny. I had to go over to mother's today to look for some papers in her files,. Monique drove over to pick me up. While there she mentioned that she was considering purchasing two new items; one being a new cell phone that "did more things" and something else she did not need. I said to her that those type of expenditures had to stop. She was running out of money. No more buying things she did not need until I got things settled down a bit. She said, "I can't buy food?" I explained what she should not be purchasing. That was three hours ago. Just now she called and said, "Let me get this straight, can I use my credit card to buy groceries? Can I buy food and go out to lunch?" I said yes, but she could not buy anything to wear or put in the house or yard. Oh Come Angel Band, Come And Around Me Stand. Bear Me Away On Your Snow White Wings To My Eternal Home!

Otherwise another slow day of trying to find assisted living quarters now back in FL, paying bills. Trying to get DM/s check register up to date.

Tam, our family version of those green beans does not call for garlic, but it certainly would not hurt to add it to the pot. My recipe is a light brown roux, onions, diced ham, fresh green beans, tomato sauce, and fresh baking potatoes, and salt and pepper. My tummy is calling for some right now.


somewhere, PA

Adina - congratulations! Woo Hoo!

BonnieB - DH said he found one flea in the pan left in his office. I had not treated the carpet in there when I went through the rooms a few weeks ago. So he vacuumed quite a bit of the house & will finish tomorrow. And then spray a few rugs. Oh I hate fleas!

Bonnie - at least the message got through - frugality is her new theme. Those beans sound like just what the doctor ordered! Lots of goodies in there.

Debbie - will look at the news link next.

Sandy - I know Andre is rooting for you being able to do lots more walking too. :-)

I am not planning another trip to Ca until the first week of Nov. (I've already sent the application for absentee ballot.) But it would sure be helpful to be there now. I managed to get through another day and even fit in a session on the treadmill. It was hard but I feel like I'm getting back to where I was before my almost month long pause on the exercise.

I made a squash lentil stew today in the slow cooker at the request of my DH. Yes. A vegetarian meal requested by a man. :-) Its really good too!


Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

I am going in the morning to check out a gym with a heated pool. They open a 5am in the mornings, so I could go before DM wakes up. I will later try to work on the gym equipment, they have low impact equipment for those of us who have to be careful

going to call it a night, right after I try to convince the dog to go outside-it has been raining off and on for hours.

sandy and Andre the scared cat dog

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Congratulations Adina!!

Bonnie, Ihope you are not over doing it after your surgery.

BonnieB, sorry you have to have the surgery before your vacation.

Debbie, that was an interesting news story. I hope the past fades off into the distance without causing you any further problems.

I'm thinking it is a little too late for a nap.

somewhere, PA

Sandy - you must be psychic! I typed a question asking if you were doing any strength training and then decided not to incase that would be difficult for you. So glad to hear you will try a gym. I bet it will help your joints as you build more muscle to help support them.

Loretta - I predict a very long nap in your near future. Have a good sleep tonight. :-)


Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good evening folks. I have had a busy day today, did some housework and then took a cooking spell. I cooked a picnic shoulder, and then baked a cake and then had some bananas that were way past the eating stage so made some banana bread.

Ran to my DBIL's 3 times today to let his dog out and take her for a walk. He had open heart surgery today, a valve replaced and some maintence stuff from a previous surgery. He is doing good. Was going to bring his dog to my house for the night but SIL called and was coming home, so she got night duty with the dog. It is Mr. B's daughter, and she is a sweetie.

Adina, congratulations on the wins. I looked at the pictures and they were some really good ones there to vote on. Glad you got the subscription paid, at least that is something that you will use. Our garden has decided to grow again too. DH came in with a bucket that had eggplant, green peppers and tomatoes in it tonight. It has just been a very strange year.

Bonnie, I am so sorry that you are having to go through this. It would seem that your DM would realized that you don't really feel up to arguing with her after your surgery. I believe I would be catty and mention it, and see if she even remembes.

Tammy, so glad that the evidence of fleas wasn't all over the house. It is a good preventative to do vaccuming and a good vacuuming every 7 days, for at least a month. Seems the live fleas leave eggs, that will hatch, and then they will lay eggs, so you have to stop the cycle. It is annoying that our pets love us so much that sometimes they want to share their critters with us too. hehe.

Elsie, yep, too late for a nap, or you will be up all night. What is going on with you, other than work.

Debbie are you still laying low? I hope that the person will get tired of trying to call and give up. Do you have caller ID so that you can screen your calls? I do that, but not to avoid anybody, but if I am really busy, like cooking or at meal time, then will call them back later.

Well, I have to go to Louisville tomorrow to the Dr office and to the hospital for pre op stuff for Tuesday. Since DBIL is in a hospital in the same city, may buzz over there and visit him just for a brief minute. He will be in ICU for a couple more days. Other than that, not anything real pressing going on here.

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