Canna growing in pots indoors for the winter???

Saginaw, MI

Hello, I have some canna that I started from seed this year and so far they are growing nicely!! Never tried to grow canna from seed until now and don't know what to do with them now! Can I bring them in the house and keep them alive through the winter???? They are about 4-5 inces tall right now. Any information anyone has will be greatly appreciated!! THANK YOU

Calgary, Canada

They won't have much of a root system yet,--- so I would think that
bringing them in as houseplants would be a good idea.

Saginaw, MI

Caroline, Thanks for the reply. Am going to bring them in and hopefully will still have them to take back out in the spring!! Shirley

Saugerties, NY(Zone 5a)

Shirley, I brought mine in, just make sure it gets lots of sun and humidity and yours should do fine.

Arroyo Grande, CA(Zone 9a)

Your canna should be fine inside for the winter. You should let them get almost dry or even dry between waterings, they will get root rot if you keep them too wet.
They may brown out some (not sure if that's caused by the dry winter air or the cold) but don't let that worry you too much. Mine get some brown leaves outside in winter and at the same time they are bringing up new growth! Underground the roots will be getting stronger for next year.

Saginaw, MI

Thank you everyone for your responses!! I have brought them inside and hopefully will be able to keep them going till next year!! Some do have brown on the edges of the leaves but basically look healthy. We shall see what happens!! Thanks again.

Somerset, KY(Zone 6b)

I will be going thru Saginaw MI tomorrow night headed for Midland just north of you. Any suggestion of place to visit. I will be in the area til Saturday afternoon.

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