tough corn

Silver Lake, OH(Zone 5b)

We had a corn harvest for the first time this year. I cooked it as usual but it turned very dark gold and was like what my mom used to call "horse corn"... tough and sticky, very hard to eat, not very sweet.

What's up with this? Did I cook it too long? Wait too long to harvest? It's our first time... be gentle. :)

Augusta, GA(Zone 8a)

Two possibilities. 1. Harvested too late. Most likely if you planted sweet corn. 2. Not a sweet corn variety. Many of these are edible but have a an extremely short harvest interval.

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Silver Lake, OH(Zone 5b)

any way we can salvage this?

Helena, MT

Janiejoy, my neighbor and I both plant the same variety of sweet corn since I provide the seed. My is generally sweeter than his and although we both irrigate using soaker hoses, I water more frequently and longer than he. Two tips I will toss back at you which I found really helps my corn harvest: (1) Plant corn seed 14-inches apart (Farmer Dill); and (2) try micro-waving an ear of corn for four minutes in it's husk, and freshly picked (gym girl). See if that doesn't give you the taste you are looking for less the toughness. Note: You can reduce the time by 1 minute for each extra ears, i.e.; two ears - seven minutes; three ears ten minutes.

Silver Lake, OH(Zone 5b)


Magnolia, TX(Zone 8b)

I wondered if it was field corn(yellow dent) that was planted...makes good roasted corn, or even a skillet of pepper corn. Lots of corn starch -needs liquid.!!! Could have just been too dry- and best harvested at break of dawn. Ready when the silks have turned brown and start to fall off dried.

Helena, MT

kitt's, right I think on the moisture part affecting corn. Both the neighbor and I plant the same corn seed, and my corn is always better than his. I water my garden plants as necessary which is more often than he is able to. I have the luxury of being available 24/7 and my system allows me to back off or increase the water to each row as necessary. The only time I use a timer to water is when I make my fall harvest run to load up the kids, and any remaining plants, berries, and fruit trees can then be watered automatically. Because our soil is so porous corn in particular seems to need more frequent watering than package instructions. The neighbor comes home from work and saturates his garden with a system patterned after mine, and although his garden possibly receives as much water it doesn't produce as well for most crops.

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