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SOLVED: Hibiscus what type please

Belle Chasse, LA

Sorry I am unable to post pic but will describe. Hibiscus is a double apricot or bright orange color. Does not have shinny leaves like my other tropical hibiscus but 2-3" dull leaves with serrated edges. rather large plant. I purchased it this year from Home depot because I fell in love with flowers. The flowers tend to hang their heads when in bloom. Could this be a hardy hibiscus??? I have seen some that look similar growing in my area and they are planted in the ground.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Double apricot/orange suggests to me that it is tropical hibiscus (H. rosa-sinensis). Of the commonly available hibiscus species, the tropicals are the only ones that come in orange--the other species (hardy hibiscus, rose of sharon, Texas star, etc) come in some combinations of red/pink/white but don't go orange. Maybe with some of them you could get a sort of peachy-ish pink, but it would be more on the pink side not really orange. I also am not aware of any double-flowered hardy hibiscus (H. moscheutos).

I have quite a few tropicals and some of them don't have shiny leaves, so my money would be on it being a tropical. You're close to the Gulf so I expect you're in a warm enough zone that tropicals would survive the winter outside (at least most of the time--if you had a super cold snap that might kill them, but a typical winter they would likely make it)

Belle Chasse, LA

Thanks ecrane3 I suspected this was a tropical hibiscus. I have it in a large pot now but want to put it in the garden. I am going to give it a try since I am in zone 9A too.

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