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Thorns on lemon tree

Toronto, ON(Zone 6b)

Can someone in the know tell me if a citrus tree responds to a severe pruning by producing more / larger thorns? I have a grafted Lisbon lemon that I have grown in a pot for 15 years. This spring I gave it an especially hard pruning and now there are many more nasty thorns than in the past. It would seem like a natural reaction of a plant to increased grazing or pruning.

Bishop, CA(Zone 7a)

Did you prune it below the graft point? or is it thick with suckers? Can you post photos?

San Francisco, CA

yes, you are observing a normal phenomenon.

Toronto, ON(Zone 6b)

Here are a couple of pictures of the lemon tree. As you can see the thorns are well above the graft.

Thumbnail by zoneimpaired Thumbnail by zoneimpaired

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