Experience with Sesters or Baby Blue Eyes Spruce? Holly?

Warrenton, VA

I am so fortunate to have local nurseries that have these two varieties of spruces and many different hollies. Turns out, I am obsessed by evergreens, by the way.
I am really wanting to buy either of the spruces, but want to hear from someone who has long-term experience with them. You know, realistic growth, mature height and width, and color. I am in Zone 7a. Which is better suited? I have 1 1/3 acres, so can go with either one.
Also, I am looking at "Christmas Jewel" holly. I just put in a beautiful Nellie Stevens Holly, and it is in a place where it can go crazy. Anyone have a thought as to how these new hollies look when driving by - can you actually see their berries?
Can anyone add to my thoughts? I thank you so much in advance!

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