CLOSED: Please, ...What kind of insect is this??

Pasadena, CA

Ten days ago I brought home a new puppy. Seven days ago he went to the vet and had his anti flea/heartworm treatment.

The past few days, I have noticed this small bug (see photos) crawling on me (a few different times) and this morning around the dog himself. I've had other dogs around the house in the past and recently but have never experienced this kind of small insect so I am curious as to what it is/ where it is originating from. The new puppy, of course, goes outside to my small patch of grass behind the house to relieve himself.

Can this be a flea, tick, mites ??? Should I just continue to wash all his bedding/towels??

Many thanks!

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Minot, ND

Looks like a mite, but more like a bird or rodent mite ( than a mange mite. Suggest you consult your veterinarian.

Columbus, OH

This kind of insect looks like a mange also called demodectic mange. I am also having a problem with this kind of pest with my pet before but it is not a big problem is you will use a pet product with a brand name PetsBestRx from Qbased Solutions. I bought this product Demodectic Mange Treatment - Kennel Combo ( ) and not that only it is very effective it is also in the best budget.

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