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Two more varieties. Looking at Neves Azorean Red and Mexico

North Shore of L. I., NY(Zone 6b)

I am looking at the seeds at TomatoFest and so far have put both Neves Azorean Red and Mexico in my cart. So opps, there is a $15.00 mimium order so going to have to get them elsewhere or add more to my cart. I did like the early Sasha's Altai-Tomato variety also. But heck, now I am going to have to think on this some more. But really, really, really want to try the Neves Azorean Red next year.

Salem, NY(Zone 4b)

Rita, I'm the original source of Neves Azorean Red and you can find the background on it, which is interesting, at Tania's tomato database. I'm not the only one who thinks it's a great variety, for many do.

I've also grown Mexico and I think there are many many other large pink fruited varieties that are better

I've also grown Sasha's Altai, grew it the first year when Bill McDorman brought it back from Siberia.

I also think you might want to c ompare the prices of seeds at Tomatofest, yes, I know Gary well, with other places as to seed costs and # of seeds. You can also read the threads on individual seed companies at Tville in the Plant and Seed Forum and since you already visit TV you can see what others think of specific seed companies.

Two last comments.

It's true that each person should grow a variety they want to and you and I are not that far apart in terms goegraphic distance, I know the Island well.

And usually when someone posts what they want to grow they look for feedback and alternatives from others.

BUT, I've also found since meeting you that you want to grow what you want to grow and will buy seeds from whatever place that you want to. ( smile)

Which is why I've decided that maybe I shouldn't offer any alternative suggestions.

What's you position on that as far as me and others here are concerned?


North Shore of L. I., NY(Zone 6b)

Carolyn, I honestly don't think you and I judge a tomato plant exactly the same or maybe I should say come to the same conclusions on the outcome of that judging. I know I grow tomatoes that I love that you would probably never have in your garden. I know you advised me against Money Maker and I bought that today. We will see if I like it or not but I liked everything I read about it. As to taste, we will see. But I was not put off by any of the descriptions.

Sasha's Altai I was looking at because I really want an extra early tasty tomato. So far I grow Early Girl and have for more years than I can remember. But I would love to find another great early tomato. I see Magyar Piros Boker at Gecklers and it looks great also.

As to Neves Azorean Red, I have read nothing but glowing reviews so I just have to try this one for myself.

And I like feedback. I decided against the variety DELICIOUS because of negative feedback. And I am going to look around for another seed souce before I decide for sure.

Alba, TX(Zone 8a)

newyrokrita, I think Marianna's carries both Mexico and Neves Azorean Red. I think they only take orders after Christmas/New Years though.

Salem, NY(Zone 4b)

Terri, I think you may have confused Marriane Jones website with Sandhill Preservation.

Marianne accepts orders all year round except sending seeds in the summer is delayed for several weeks.

Glenn at Sandhill used to start sendning out seeds a bit after Xmas when the catalog and website were updated, but now has hired a woman to help with orders all year long in addition to the usual local women he hires at peak times in early winter to mid Spring when indeed orders can be delayed b'c of the volume of incoming orders.

There's much more at Sandhill than jsut tomatoes since for many years Glenn was Curator of Cucurbits for SSE so the sections on melons and squash and cukes, for instance, are huge/ He also sent a lot of varieties to Jere Gettle at Baker Creek when he was starting out as well as sending Jere some hieloom birdies that Jere had requested.

Neves Azorean Red and Mexico are both listed by him and Linda, his wife who does all the computer work, and seeds are only $2/pack and have a minimum of 25 seeds and as he says in the catalog usually 50-100, which has been confirmed by many.

IMO and the opinions of many others it's a great place to get seeds from and no tomato seeds sold are over two years old and that means HUGE growouts every year to maintain that standard, especially since he lists over 400 OP tomato varieties. I think it's also true for Adam Gleckler that he won't sell any seeds over two years old and that's another great place to buy tomato seeds but he doesn't offer all the other kinds of veggies and fruits that Glenn does, jest a few.

Even more amazing to me is that he teaches HS Science full time and still maintains over 100 or so breeds of heirloom birdies as well.

Yes, he and Linda are good friends and have been for several decades, and when I was doing Wrong Varieties threads at GW a few years ago Sandhill was way up there at the top as to seed purity, etc. But no place selling seed for OP varieties has a perfect record, but much better than trading seeds, which I refuse to do for several reasons.


North Shore of L. I., NY(Zone 6b)

How about Victory Seeds? Anyone buy there? Seed packets are only $1.95.

I am going now to take a look at Marianna's now, thanks!

North Shore of L. I., NY(Zone 6b)

So if I order from Marianna's instead of TomatoFest am I going to get great seeds , true to type? I guess what I really want to know is the reputation because I am not familiar with Marianna's. I have seen that lots of people order from TomatoFest though.

I really am only going to be growing a few of each type so whatever is in a packet would be plenty for me.

Alba, TX(Zone 8a)

Carolyn, I've never ordered from Sandhill Preservation but will check them out, thank you for the recomendation. I also like to try new-to-me varieties of eggplants. So they sound like fun.

I think the reason I believe(d) that Marianna's doesn't ship until after the Christmas season is that I normally save all my seed catalogs and then order everything over the Christmas/New Years holiday. Most of the seed comes right away. But each time I've ordered from Marianna's I don't even receive a confirming until after the holidays. Which is really fine with me. One time their fax machine was not operational and everyone was on vacation. The website looks to have a different format, so maybe they are upgrading their operations. I own a small business myself, and can say that these are the sort of things that give a customer a certain impression about a business. If those impressions are completely off the wall, but more than just a few customers have the same impression, then perhaps a change needs to be made. And my impression was that Marianna's didn't do end of season shipping until after the holidays. And I do recall that the kind DG'er who originally recomended that company to me did mention the same. I continue to buy from them as I am happy with the variety and get a kick out of the descriptions for each variety. There is no average tomato on that website! Each is enthusiastically touted as the best and that just tickles my funnybone. I know I can go to another website or here to Dave's to get the real scoop.

So now I toddle off to Sandhill and plot which variety of eggplant I want to try out this next season ☺!

Alba, TX(Zone 8a)

newyorkrita, you can go to GardenWatchDog here on Dave's and read all the reviews. I am not a tomato expert, but feel that I have always gotten exactly what I ordered from Marianna's and everything has germinated. Like you I only plant out a few of each variety, so I don't think I would be the only person to ask.

Salem, NY(Zone 4b)

Yes, I know Mike at Victory Seed and send him varieties for trial every year and he and Glenn are two of the most honest folks I know and you can add Adam Gleckler and Steve at Heritage seed and Tania at her website and several others to that list as well. He and his wife and two of his older kids were here two years ago to visit since Mike was attending a USDA course on seed packing at the USDA place in W NYS and they made the trip into a history tour and ended up at Fort Ticonderoga near me.

Rita, not much difference with Sandhill at $2/pack and you have seeds to share as compared with Victory at $1.95 and Tomatofest at ??? And Mariannes prices have gone way up this year.

And no, I'm not going to mention those seed companies that I would never suggest, hoping that the Garden Watchdog would indicate that but there's limits to those ratings since entries are only from GW members..

And yes I know Marianne and have known her as a personal friend since about 1991. But there's a current thread at Tville about her site with lots of complaints about wrong varieties, never getting back with answers, and of course posts that also suppport her. She's going through a change in life right now and moving from TN in the near future. I just got an update e-mail from her last week.

There's also a thread at Tville about Tomatofest, again, some have had real problems, and some not. I've also known Gary since about 1990 but don't send him seeds for trial.

And so it goes .

But I'm delighted to see that so many of you are buying seeds from smaller seed companies instead of trading for them.


North Shore of L. I., NY(Zone 6b)

Thank you both. I am going to look around some more before I order again.

Alba, TX(Zone 8a)

Carolyn and newyrokrita, of those you mentioned above in most recent post I have ordered from Victory Seed the most and am very happy with the variety and descriptions. I was mentioning on another thread that I ordered a few of the Livingston seeds among others and was surprised and happy that the Livingstons turned out really well for me and I will be growing them again next season. I'm happy that I and others have an opportunity to grow such varieties of seed offered commercially so long ago. I'm not really a great tomato grower as many on this forum are, but both DH and I really enjoy the tomatoes we do get to grow and also enjoy trying out different varieties. As DH says, the tomato growin addiction is cheaper than my rose growing addiction!

North Shore of L. I., NY(Zone 6b)

I will put Victory Seed on my favorites list for future ordering, thanks!!!! I only found them the other day, somehow I was not aware of them before this.

I just faxed over an order to Marianna's. I decided I didn't really need anything I had stuck in my cart at TomatoFest just to make the mimuim order pf $15.00 before shipping. . So I decided to go with Marianna's, especially as they have an order form one can print out, fill out and fax. So I did just now. Ordered both Neves Azorean Red and Mexico. Then because credit card charges under $15.00 total there get slapped with an extra $2.00 fee I also ordered Dixiewine. Wanted it anyway, might as well get it. Never seen it anywhere else.

Montreal, QC(Zone 5b)

Hi Carolyn, I've ordered all my seeds from Tatiana. In the end, Tomato Bob did not come thru and I was given a refund, although they insisted I would probably get the seeds, but no luck. I stand by Tatiana. She's amazing!

Alba, TX(Zone 8a)

Well, I've found several eggplant varieties I am dying to try on the Sandhill site. I little fingers are just itching to hit "send" on my order. Brain just can't get used to ordering for the next year so soon.....Thanks for the tip on Sandhill Carolyn--even though it is not for tomatoes! Maybe can I find something to plant now so I will not feel so disoriented. Hmmmm!

(Also disgruttled to see Christmas decorations for sale now at various stores--Arg!)

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