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Mermaid Boots

Toledo, OR(Zone 8a)

They are called crocodile boots but I think they will go better here if I rename them if I can ever figure out the pattern
The ones I am making are more along the color scheme of the baby size booties.

Thumbnail by Gourdbeader Thumbnail by Gourdbeader
Phoenix, AZ

I have this pattern also. Like you I just need to figure it out :(

Toledo, OR(Zone 8a)

I am giving up, It just doesn't work out right no mater how I have tried to change needle size or stitching. I am going to try to make a different boot with the shell cuff or as they call it the crocodile cuff. See if I can get it that way.
I also found another cool sock boot. I will see if I can find it to post.
and the pattern is

Haven't tried this one yet but they look like they could be real warm and cute with a variation of yarns.

Thumbnail by Gourdbeader
Phoenix, AZ

Those are cute. Let us know how you do.

Toledo, OR(Zone 8a)

Will do, they are sort of on the back burner just now as I am working on my very first quilt. ewwww.... scary but I am having so much fun. Never realized how much planning goes into each quilt.

Phoenix, AZ

Oh I don't think a quilt will be a problem for you :)
You do have to be part engineer with all the planning, cutting, sizing.

Longboat Key, FL(Zone 9b)

my Mother made a lot of crochet slippers. She lined the soles with scraps of trousers.. This in Europe
Here she used blue jeans for the bottoms.

Toledo, OR(Zone 8a)

Have you figured out the slippers yet, fishknees? If someone can figure it out I will send them the yarn and pay them to make me a pair.

Phoenix, AZ

Haven't had a chance to sit down and focus on the pattern yet.

Andalusia, AL(Zone 8b)

Can someone share the pattern in the first picture?There very nice and I love a challage.


Toledo, OR(Zone 8a)

I will share it with you. Have to go find it again but you must promise if you figure it out. Please make me a pair. I can email it to you as it is in PDF format so I need your email addy. Dmail it to me if you want the pattern

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Andalusia, AL(Zone 8b)

Sure will make you a pair if I can figure it out.Which part of the patern is giving you a hard time ? Send a d-mail to you.Thanks,Jan

Laurel, DE(Zone 7a)

These are really cute slippers. I like the idea of lining them with old material!

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