Napoleon NZ3000 wood burning fireplace new install questions

Didsbury, Canada

I just joined the forum :)
We have just had a new fireplace professionally installed. Having lit three hot paper and kindling fires as instructed, we proceeded to have a longer,hotter fire. Terrible acrid fumes, no visible smoke, and the smoke detector alarming was the result. Undaunted, we tried again the following day. This time the smell was not so bad in the beginning, although later the open loft area above the fireplace was very warm and stuffy, sadly again the smoke alarm sounded. Also, stone fireplace enclosure was very hot to touch, and a candle sitting on the mantle was leaning at a sharp angle!! The enclosure is vented.
The instructional video that accompanied the new stove stresses the need to burn hot fires for efficiency. Is the alarm going to sound every time we have a long hot fire? Is the heat of the enclosure stone normal? Wife already having second thoughts about my choice of appliance :(

Chapel Hill, NC

My advice is to talk to the installer and/or manufacturer..

Hi there,

My wife and I recently built a house (just outside Halifax) that has an NZ3000 in the living room with a loft area above. Ours is in a stone enclosure as well. We have only had a few fires (maybe five) and every time we have encountered the same things you are experiencing. The fumes are lessening each time, but the smoke detectors still go off after an hour or so and will continue to go off for at least half an hour after that.. It's annoying but we've been assured that the fumes are just the firebox curing under the extreme heat of the fire and that once that curing process is over that the detectors should stop.. I hope it ends soon since winter is coming and we plan on using the fireplace quite a bit.

Our stone gets quite hot too, but we don't keep candles on it for the very reason you mentioned. I believe this stone-heating is intentional though. The stones have a lot of thermal mass and will continue to radiate heat long after the fire is out. I don't know how hot yours get but ours won't burn you or anything like that, just hot to the touch.

Please keep me informed if you have any progress with this issue. We're in the same boat and would love to hear of someone else's experiences with the NZ3000. We love the look, but the alarms and smell are really annoying.



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