Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a) Here is where I came from................

I just flew over here to the new thread on my broom since it is getting close to Halloween and I need to practice. You see, I am known on some threads as a "witch" or is it that other word that sounds the same, either way, I am practicing broom flying in between my trips to the greenhouse worrying about how the Christmas Cactus and Holiday Cactus are going to survive in this sudden weather change.
Please feel free to join in this discussion of Holiday Cactus and show pictures, give advice or whatever you darn well feel like doing. We are happy to see new faces and everyone is welcome. Only requirement is, Be Nice!

Gita, your salmon cuttings are doing so well, I put some of them up on ebay and if they sell I will send you your commission. Keep em coming and we could get rich. Well, maybe not rich, but we would have some fun knowing we are sharing our passion with others.

I want to discuss Coir with you Gita. i stopped using it because I lost so many cuttings in it.
I am not sure why. It worked so well when I first used it then it was down hill. Something else I can not do with success is let my cuttings harden before I plant them. I need to put them in water and let them suck it up and some even begin to root before I plant them. What are your thoughts on that method?

The picture is me on my first flight. That really hurt when I landed.

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Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


Thank you for the new Thread. Nice landing there! Did you create all the effects?

I will write more later--right now I have to get ready to go to work.

I posted the picture in the last Post I made in the previous part.

Here it is again--the white Easter Cactus coleup gave me--and I ripped it in half
and split it with sally. It was VERY hard to rip it apart--such a tangled root mass!

Anyway--here is the picture showing the 'nubs' . They do kind of look like seed pods.......

Thumbnail by Gitagal
Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

Yes, that is what they look like. It takes forever to get one of those ready to plant. I did some research on it one time when one of mine showed me one of those little guys. I figured at my age,I would never see it bloom. LOL

No Gita, I found that picture someplace on the internet and just loved it. My friend from NY state calls me the wicked witch from the East, and she is the wicked witch from the North and we have another one who is of course the South. We have been internet friends for nearly 15 years and we are always looking for different pictures of witches. See what happens when you garden too much? You get weird. JB

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

Looks like it is just you and I here having a conversation....Ok by me!

My CC's are all still outside. of course--we are now back to warmer weather and nights as well.
Glad i did not rush to bring everything in. Everything IS in--except the CC's and my Brugs--
which are ready to bloom again.

Of course--lots of yard work yet to be done...The BIG clean-up! The digging and weeding and mulching.
Raking of leaves (not too much this year), and making sure everything in pots is in a protected,
sheltered place. Not sure what to do with my rooted Fig cuttings. They are just little stems with a
terminal leaf bud at the top. i KNOW they will grow--but probably not until spring.
I think they should be kept outside--but in a really, really protected spot. They are just in 5" pots.

Maybe I should put them in a crate and fill it up with leaves--up against my E. side of the shed--OR--
up against my house behind my Hydrangea bush. There is also a big fern there--so they would be protected from all sides.
I have the same issues with some other tender perennials.....
Do you have an opinion on this?

I am excited to see what color some of the "juvenile" CC's will be. I know the ones I collected at Lowes will be
either pink or white and pink. They ALL are starting to set flower buds. These are the ones by my front door.

How far are you with the gardening chores? Everything in the Greenhouse?

Will you want me to send you any of the newer CC's? I know you liked the pink one.
Would it be better to wait until spring? I will make sure I label each one that does bloom.

Let me know! Be well! Gita

Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

Well, Gita, people are busy just now I guess and houseplants can wait until they get their gardens in order. I personally have so little planted in gardens my big job is bringing in all the pots. You ask about the figs, I am jusrt not a good person to ask about potted tender perennials since I had NO luck keeping them alive if I leave them outside for the winter. No matter where I put them. Puff...they die. So, I bring them all in.
I have been selling plants like crazy and was just thinking about when I would begin to take cuttings again. I really would like my hybrids to get more growth on them before I cut. I know there will be very little blooms this year because I took cuttings off of them prior to the budding season and so, off with the flowers when you do that. I wanted to see if they would grow with the stock plants being so young. I did very well with most of them and yet I lost some too. I found that I can not let them calus over like most people do. Either I wait too long to put them in the ground or something, but they do not seem to grow as well as the ones I start in water. What are your thoughts on that? Same with Coir, I had some beauties start in coir and then others just died. It is such a challenge growing these things.

I will take anything you send, and as you know when I sell one of "the Gita Collection" Gita will get a cut. LOL
I am serious. I am hoping that happens. I am just beginning to put them up on the eBay and Cubits sites. It does help if I have a color and a picture of the flower. Did you give me the Polka Dancer? That plant is growing really nicely and I got four cuttings from it. They look great. There are other CC with similiar names and I was wondering if Lowes has any of them. When I looked it up to see the color I was surprised to see all the different names that showed up.
Everything is in the greenhouse and I am working on the Cemetery Cones (silk flowers) for Fall, then it is time to work on the Christmas stuff for the Christmas store when we open to cut trees Thanksgiving Weekend. We will be having people in to tag very soon. They start that before Thanksgiving and I am the only one on the farm at that time. So, I am busy.
I need some really pretty red CC. My red ones do not seem to be coming along too well. If you see a real bright red one, snip off a cutting or two for me. Name too please. LOL. I will pay you for the shipping and the cuttings for sure.
I have the following in stock if you want any of them: Schlumbergera Cristen, Xmas Flame, Twilight Tangerine,Rare Yellow Zygo, Thor Tenna, Yantra, White Christmas,Zygo White, Zygo Orange, Peaches N Cream, Fuchsia, Maid of Orleans Jasmine,Goldfish Plant, Desocactus x Hybrid, Tea Rose Begonia and unfortunately, YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE THIS OFFER IS GOOD TO. I owe you so many plants and you have not ever ask for anything in return. Please take your pick and let me know which ones you would like to have and I will get them in the mail before the weather gets too cold. NO CHARGE...NO POSTAGE...JUST LOTS OF LOVE AND HUGS . Get back to me before I sell out. Some I only have one or two of left and orders come in daily.
I am no longer advertising on DG other than in Plant Scout. If you put in a classified ad, you are not permitted to discuss it on the forums. I found the classifieds are not seen by that many people that want CC. So, I am going elsewhere with my plants. I hate leaving here but I need to move the merchandise and there are so many restrictions I just can not keep up with them. LOL Must get to work. If you want to reply by Dmail that is fine. JB

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


I am at work so i do not want to get involved in a long post. Sometimes they do not send...

Will write you a D-mail soon--from home. Gita

Sand Springs (Tulsa), OK(Zone 7a)

Hi girls. Just checking in to let you know I'm watching you. ^_^ Not much to write except to let you know you are not alone.

Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

Hi Crit, hope your weather is cooperating with your gardening. Have a good day. Busy one for me. Jb

Sand Springs (Tulsa), OK(Zone 7a)

Yes JB. We are finally having some nice weather here. Go figure, it waits until October to be pleasant to be outside!

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


That is because summers SHOULD be like the weather we are having right now. NOT 100*+ every day.

Never been there--but this must be real New England weather. yes?
Or--Seattle Weather--except it rains a lot there. My daughter lives there. Been there a few times....

LOVE, LOVE these days!
I can work outside for hours--and not break a sweat. Like today--put in about 4 hours solid.
Finding more things to try to propagate...Like--how about the Osteosper..??? purple daisies?
Never tried it before--but took a bunch of cuttings today. We will see....We will see...Just playing around.

Took a good look at my "juvenile" CC"s. Can't call them "babies" any more....they are in 4"pots and ready to bloom.

Flash! HD has all their Christmas stuff up already--as of yesterday! HUH??? It's not even Halloween yet!!!
I remember when Christmas stuff went up about 2 weeks before Thanksgiving--and we all fussed over that.

Talk to you all later. Gita

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


Thanks for your long reply. Sounds like you have your hands full.

NO! I did not give you the "Polka Dancer". I think the only ones I have given you were the
Salmon ones, a pink one (should have a lot of these among my "juvenile" CC's),
Can't remember any more....
I will have some whites(??) hopefully--as I see tags labeled as such. BUT--they were all the
broken off cuttings I gathered at Lowes. Who knows what they will look like? Pink? White? Pink AND white?

JB--PLEASE! PLEASE! I DO NOT want a "cut" from any you sell! The effort is all yours--not mine!
You need the money more than I do.
I appreciate the honor you have bestowed on me already with "Gita's Collection"...
.Hmmmm....I can just see people wondering---"WHO is this Gita??? Must be some
special CC's???. Must be a newly Hybridized variety!" Teeee...heeee.........:o)

JB--I know you have talked about rooting your CC's in water before. It just seems so contrary--as CC's are a succulent of sorts?
How big a section do you root in water? One segment? Two? Three--in a "y"?
How much of the segment is immersed in the water? Just the very base--or also part of the leaf?
Glad it works for you! I have never tried water......maybe i should--instead of waiting months for
a cutting to root in soil mix....
Recently there was talk about rooting things in Oasis foam with good results. Have you tried that?

I have a Red CC. I think I have already posted a picture of it in the past--and maybe it was not deemed red enough.
If you think it is "red enough"--I have ONE "juvenile" CC that is red--and is doing VERY well.
I will gladly send you the ready-to-bloom potted "juvenile" of my red one. I still have the big 6" pot of the Red CC.
Will take more cuttings after it has bloomed. OK? I have NO name for it--just "red"....Sorry! AND--Don't you DARE
pay me for any shipping! After you mailed me that Gardenia in an 8" pot by mail--dirt and all! I owe YOU!

You know JB--This all should have been between you and me on a D-mail. Just seems more fair.
Especially all the generous offer you made "Just for me". I do not even know what all the ones you named look like.
( everyone else reading here--please overlook this, OK? )

JB--You do NOT OWE ME for any plants I have sent you--dear lady! I really have not sent you that much--
just some CC cuttings....You may have propagated a lot of plants from those--and that is all YOUR doing....
YOUR skill and YOUR care. I had nothing to do with that!
Please do not try to save any for me. Sell them if you can. I will check out the varieties you named
when I get a chance--and let you know if maybe one or two tickle my fancy.
Are the ones you named "Holiday Cactus"--or the Real Christmas cactus???

Lots of love and Hugs back to you, my dear old friend! Gita

1--Here is the picture of the red CC I have. Almost throws a bit of magenta--don't you think?
Maybe not all that real red as you are looking for? Let me know if you want the one that is all rooted.
It really looks great--has
2--Close up of the red CC. bloom.

3--Here is the one we ALL have--the Fuchsia and White one. By the way--I repotted my old one of this
today--and found, buried in the old soil a grower's tag for this. It had on it: Sch. Hybrid 9410---purple.
If you/we never had a name for this one--maybe this will help.
How long have I had it??? Who knows? Here are some over the years:The 3 pictures following--with the years listed..

Thumbnail by Gitagal Thumbnail by Gitagal Thumbnail by Gitagal Thumbnail by Gitagal Thumbnail by Gitagal
Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


Here is my "juvenile" cutting of the red CC. It is the only one I have tagged--but I have about 5 pots among
these that are not marked at all. May have a couple more red ones among them.
Will have to wait until they bloom.

Just took this to show you. it is YOURS if you want it.......nice size--6 'arms" to it--lots of cuttings to be had....

Let me know--and i will send it out tomorrow.....Gita

Thumbnail by Gitagal
annapolis, MD(Zone 7b)

Checking in on new thread. Hi all.

Mostly ccs and ec s are epiphytes... and live and grow naturally in cool misty tropical forests. They do not grow in soil there, but in the crotches of trees or rock crevises, where they lodge themselves soil, just moisture and a little debris now and again. So, from my vast experience of one half year with getting cuttings (broken off segments) to root , I found that most of them rooted in water (about 1/4 - 1/2 inch) even my Easter cactus.

Here is an article I found:
Rooting Epiphytic Cactus Cuttings in Arizona - Central Arizona ... - Cached - Similar
Rooting these difficult epiphytes can be especially troublesome. Since reading a
tip in The Amateur's Digest, I have been experimenting with rooting in water ...

Crit, always good to hear from you.

JB I love the colors in 'Polka Dancer'

Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

Please forgive me all of you for not making a blanket offer of plants just now.

Gita has been sending me plants and I , not being a real trader because I do not have time to keep up with orders much less trades, etc. I have neglected to return her kindness and I owe her, even though she says I do not. We seldom have time anymore to dmail each other and when the thoughts hit us on here, we just start to talk and see what happens???? Long boring posts of no interest to anyone. I am so sorry. But, I will not guarantee it will not happen again. LOL And I promise as soon as the busy season is over, I will share with all of you. Honest.

Gita, the marker you found Sch is for Schlumbergera and Hybrid of course means another plant 9410 is how the big growers mark their plants instead of names, until they get the results of the two, and then they usually name it and here they just called it purple. They called that magenta/fuchsia and white plant purple at times. I am not sure why. The genus Schlumbergera has so many hybrids that I get overwhelmed at times when I begin reading about them. The fuchsia/magenta and white one is sometimes thought to be the old Schlumbergera x buckleyi when in fact it is not. I was selling one for years as a S. Buckleyi and just recently after more research, changed it to just a fuchsia because I have my doubts that it is a real one.
The real S. buckleyi is Epiphyllum buckleyi and Epiphyllum rollissonii and that was how the Schlmbergera x
buckleyi came to be. So many of these were started in the wild and were actually S. Truncata (which now some people call The Thanksgiving Cactus because it blooms early.) They are all Schlumbergera and Oh God, I am not good at these things, I worry I am selling something I am not because I get really confused at how they came about. The S. russelliana has the thinner leaves/stems and blooms in February thu April,and is sometimes called the True Christmas Cactus. I have no clue which is the I use the term when it suits me for both the S.russelliana and the S, buckleyi . Again, I just found out that the S. russelliana I have began to show some leaves with the points on them. I realized that I had again been told one thing and it turned out to be not a TRUE ONE. It had to have some hybrid in it and I am sure this is what is happening all over so the best thing to do is to call something you do not know the name of for sure, a HYBRID. Boy if you can make sense of what I just wrote lots of luck. Did not mean to just ramble on but that is the only way I can keep them straight and not be stressed over the real names. LOL

One of my friends who works in a Botanical Garden sent me a picture of the Schlumbergera microsphaerica he finally found. He had it shipped in from Europe. I will show you the picture and I am hoping he can keep it alive. They are so rare and difficult to raise but they are beauties when blooming. It has self fertile flowers and does not appear to cross with other members of the Schlumbergera genus.

TAKE CARE GITA.....I would love to have the red baby but, only if I can send you some in place of it. Also, do not ever send me plants later in the week than Tuesday.; They will sit in a truck someplace in Jersey until Monday of the following week. Our weekend deliveries are very bad and I know the plant would not survive.
I send everything Priority and mail it Monday or Tuesday of each week because that guarantees delivery before the weekend all over the USA;

Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

Here us the rare S. microsphaerica my friend just got.

Thumbnail by JBerger
Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


Yes--all you wrote about this name and that name just befuddled my mind....such as it is....
My pea brain just does not know much about Botanical names at all. You seem to have everything all straight.

I will try to send the Red "juvenile" out to you on Monday. Will pack it up really good!
And--just wait until there is something I really want from you before you try to even out the score....
Not everything has to be tit-for-tat...You know--I do not have room for too many new plants--
that is why I so gladly share the ones i have. Now--IF i could only stop propagating everything.....:o(

The Gardenia you sent to me still is not thriving....It pretty much sat, status quo, all summer.
I did re-pot it in early summer into an 8"pot--one bigger than you sent it to me in.

I fed it with Epson salts--and with Fish Emulsion and later also with some Ironite.
Nothing seems to have helped. All summer it had a few yellowing leaves and many of them have
little black spots on them that seem to go through the leaf--not just on top or bottom. They are still falling off.

I have sprayed, and did apply Systemic Granules a month or so ago. I do not see any insects or anything....
I used a magnifying glass to check for scale or mites--but I do not see anything.
I have now brought it in and it is sitting by an AM sunny window, Best i have to offer it.
NO new leaves to speak of--and it never did make any bloom buds.
Should I expect some kind of miracles come spring???? What should i do with it???

Do you have any advice??? Thanks again--Gita

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

JB--Good morning!

Just took a picture of the yellowing, spotty leaves on my Gardenia.
Does this help? What is it missing????
It did not sit in full sun all summer--but got decent AM sun--if that matters....
When you sent it to me, it was all nice and green..

I expect that all the leaves will fall off--as there is not ONE all green, healthy leaf on this plant.
Take a look......

Thumbnail by Gitagal Thumbnail by Gitagal
Central, MD(Zone 7a)

What kind of light do Xmas cactus need to bloom? Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe I read at some point that they bloom all year? So there is easter and Thanksgiving cactus. They are relatively easy fast growing cactus?

Side note. A relative just gave me an interesting cactus that their friend was going to toss. It is tall and straight and sends out finger like branches at the top to balance itself and roots in the soil out the other side. I'll have to post a picture here for everyone and of course I'll go to succulents and see if anybody can I.D. it without it knowing the bloom.

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


Here is a link to Part #5.
Linking all the parts to one another is a really nice practice.
You could go to part #1 and read your head off......also see a bunch of nice photos from others.

Part #5 started in February of 2012. Did you see it or read it? Were you around here already then?
Right in the beginning, there are all kinds of links that coleup posted to help us all
re care and growing of the Holiday cactus and others. Also--the links to all the previous parts of this discussion.

You may find all the answers to your questions along the way.
Between JB and coleup---how can you not?

annapolis, MD(Zone 7b)

Thanks for the reminder Gita. Here is our reference page for all inquiring minds out there

Here are some useful links and info on Holiday Cactus

Our Holiday Cactus Forum Continues to grow. Below are links to our first 4 threads.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
What is a Holiday Cactus?

There are three main types of Holiday cactus: Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter. All are called Holiday Cacti but each is slightly different in its parentage, form, flower, bloom time and cultural requirements. Schlumbergera and Zygocactus are one and the same. Breeders from Australia and Canada call them Zygocactus. In the threads here we also call them "schlums", "zygos" or just "cc "s . We also chat about their close relatives, epiphyllums or "epis" for short and other houseplants we love and propagate as for most of us "cc"s are houseplants that spend the summer outdoors.


"Recognition and Culture of the Holiday Cacti" by Paul Brunelle

"Will the Real CC Please Stand Up?"

comparison of leaves

zygo or schlumbergera?


-Zygocactus (Schlumbergera) A Comprehensive and Practical Guide by Mark Cobia

--Christmas Cactus - The Genus Schlumbergera And Its Hybrids by A. J. S. McMillan and J. F. Horobin.

-Epiphyllum and Epiphyllum 2 by Frank Supplie
--Easter Cactus

Care/Growing of Thanksgiving/Christmas Cactus

Care/Growing of Easter Cactus

Articles on CC:

Getting CC to bloom:


Pruning and repotting:


Growing from seed:

Helpful Sites

Commercial Production:


The Cactus and Succulent Society of America

Sources of plants:


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Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

Gita, do not feel bad about the gardenia. Everyone of my gardenias had a problem this year with the yellowing of leaves. Even the ones that my friend sent me from Georgia that are not even Aimee. Now, his Aimee is doing fine. Mine are all a mess. I swear it is this different change in weather we have had here. Our plants are not able to adjust as quickly; Honestly, I do not know the answer. Like you I have tried eveything and it is so frustrating to have a healthy plant go downhill like mine and obviously yours have. We can only hope they will come back but if I get to annoyed I will throw them out before that happens.

I did not mean to confuse you with those names. I do not know half the names but only because I am forced to know some of the terms have I learned them. Last night my friend from the botanical garden in Georgia told me he thought the pink one I thought was the one kind actually he thinks is not that and that it is the True Christmas Cactus,(there is that darn term True again) S. Buckleyi (and I thought it was just the opposite) . Now I am confused big time. Oh well, from now on it is being sold as a Pink. LOL

Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

Cole, could you please add this link to our list of resource material.

I just got this from my friend at the botanical garden and it is well worth us keeping in our files. Thanks so much,.
You are doing a fantastic job. Love you. JB

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

JB--You must be kidding!!!! All it is is a commercial for some kind of weight loss diet.

Even if the web site says something about a Christmas cactus---etc---I did not catch anything like it...
Well--It was a little refresher in reading and trying to understand what was said in German.
I got the gist!

Will click on it again--maybe I proceeded to the wrong link....

Nope! It is still all in German---Ich kan nicht verstehen!!! Meine Deutch ist kaput!


Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

OK, JB---Back to the topic on hand....

If you do not mind--I will wait at least a week to send you my CC juveniles.
Maybe by then i will have a better idea what color they really are.....

Right now--they just have the first "nubbies" of bloom buds.
I want to send you four--one of each color. Red--Pink--White--and my salmon.
I am positive on the Rred and the Salmon--but not the White and the Pink,
even if it is so marked.....

Auf viedersehn!!! Gita

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

Gita- Du bist gut!

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

Ach du liebe! Du bist auch sehr gut, Sally! Wie gehts?

Deine freund--Gita

Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

I know what you said Gita, I am from Lancaster County, remember. LOL I never even read the writting, I think he wanted me to see the pictures and they are very good examples of this plant. Put it in the file and just look at the pictures. You silly goose. Ach do u liebel yourself. Yes, I Wie gethts. Are we not having fun or are we not having fun. Where else could you get that International feeling other than here? With pictures no less.Ha!
Meine deutch sucks.

Gita, you sent me your Salmon, that is a real beauty, so if you do not want to send anymore of those it is o.k.
The red is what I am really short on. My reds both got damaged in a wind storm and I had to buy new babies which are not doing as well as I had hoped. I want your big red one....not the babies. LOL...well, I can dream can't I????? That would be a sucker to ship and darn pricy.

I had the strangest thing happen today. I got an email from Plant Scout and they said I had a large number of click throughs on Schlumbergera x buckleyi and I took that off Plant Scout weeks ago. So. I wrote to them and ask them how that could happen. Mysterious things happen on this site sometimes.

Must get busy. It is Sat. but I have hundreds of red bows to rewire so we can decorate the Christmas trees. I am seeing red bows in my sleep. Later. JB

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

JB---If I am a silly goose---you are a honky monkey!

Been raking leaves. Just came in to take a break and see who is writing what.
Then I will go outside and suck/shred them up and bag them for posterity and good mulch in 2 yrs.
It is such a gorgeous day!!!made it up to 65* by now. This morning was cool--in the 50's.
Changed clothes once already.

I just re-potted the Red CC and the Salmon one into slightly larger, prettier pots in fresh, yummy mix.
I want to see any squirrels knocking these over!
I cannot tell you how many times the Salmon one has been knocked down from my tall plant stand!
It was just in a 5" plastic pot. Never any damage!
This plant is so sturdy and strong. Thick stems and segments. Very upright growth as well.

Both are just starting to show the miniscule bloom "nubbies" (my spell check loves these terms!).
I put the Salmon one in a heavy, decorated (Aztec-like--but NO colors, just natural) sand-colored pot.
Put the Red one in a black and charcoal designed, very heavy pot.

A couple of days ago I re-potted the OLD fuchsia/white one as well. Its stems are already somewhat woody.
Put little stakes in and tied the plant to them while it settles in.

JB--the picture I posted of the fuchsia/white one was from many years ago (2005 and 2006). It is no longer that big or lush.
Here is the weird part---I have ONLY ONE baby growing from this one. I was surprised when I took
inventory. I think it is because the Mama one is old and did not have too many healthy, firm tips to cut and root.
I gave away one to Ruby also--she asked for one.

As far as sending you the big Red one--that would be difficult. But--after it blooms--I can send you some cuttings.
I have several Salmon "juveniles" growing well. No problem sending you a few again.
You could look for a red one on sale at the Big Box stores or anywhere else. Then you will know
what you are getting.....

I really cannot tell from the "nubbies" if the ones I have marked 'white" are really going to be white???
One of them has a "nubbie" that is totally pale--possibly white? Some that I have marked as "white"
seem to have a touch of rose to the "nubbies"...Several pots are marked as Pink???? or white????.
We will see. That is why I wanted to wait one more week. Maybe the "nubbies" will be "bud--dies" by then.
Collecting broken off sections on a rack jammed with potted CC's is a hit or miss--as far as colors go.

Making bows! That is hard on the hands....By now--I could not do it any more--have Arthritis in all my fingers.
I worked for a florist one spring season (back in 1987) and whenever we had nothing to do, we all made bows.
Hundreds of bows! Every color of bows! They were all on the picks--as everything they sold went out the door
with a complimentary bow stuck into the pot.
This florist is an institution in Baltimore. Been around for close to 100 yrs. It is family owned.
VERY popular and very expensive. But--it is also in a part of town where that is the norm. Towson.
They have greenhouses (in another location) and grow their own annuals and such, which they also sell.
People think nothing of having a custom arrangement of garden plants made for them for mega-bucks.

To this day--whenever I go to the BIG, annual Spring Flower and Garden Show here at the Timmonium Fairgrounds--
I get to see my old boss--Joey Radebaugh. He always has remembered me. That is sweet.
Now and then--if I am cruising down their street--I stop in and get to say "Hi" to all the gals still working there.

Here are a couple of links to their location. Gita and

Remember when I sent you this? One of the pink babies bloomed in May of this year.
Should see more.....soon...

Thumbnail by Gitagal
Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

Little buds are popping out on all the hybrids (Thanksgiving Cactus) so exciting a time of year.

Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

The two that usually open first are the Zygocactus Yellow and the Orange. Here is this years first blooms. I am amazed I even get blooms anymore the way I take cuttings from these plants. I should let them rest a year I suppose.

Off to begin shipping. Take care and have a great day.

Thumbnail by JBerger Thumbnail by JBerger
Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


I just looked over all my CC juveniles. They ALL look so good! Healthy and strong!
I still do not see color on too many of them--so I cannot realy say, for sure, what it will be.

I am trying to choose for you the plants that have a lot of "segments" on them, thinking
that will give you more chances at propagating.
There are some really long-stemmed ones--with a lot of segments--but no tags. Oh, well....

I will send you, Monday, whatever i think is what. Then--I may need to send you some more later,
once they have bloomed.....I am waiting for that as well.

Pretty soon, I can go hunting, again, for broken off segments at my HD or at Lowes.

Fun--Fun--Fun..........Try to survive the Holidays, my Dear! I do not even knoe=w how
you do all you do at your age.

Here is a picture of my 2 trays of "juvenile" CC's. Gita

Look out for the storm, "Sally" coming out way. Coleup has started a separate thread just for this anticipated storm.
Check it out.

Thumbnail by Gitagal
Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

Gita, please do not mail the plants this week. The storm will definitely affect the USPS DELIVERIES in my area. In fact there is talk of the Gov. planning an emergency status by Tues. or Wed. and most everything stops big time. My daughter is the only one with emergency status for the State and my SIL for the Township. So, I am pretty much stuck here watching out for the farm. No deliveries of any kind will happen. So, Please wait another week.

Must go, Lynn was at Lowes by 7:30 to pick up some supplies and the parking lot was full and people were standing outside. We are not in harms way with the water but the wind here gets nasty on normal days, much less at Cat. 1 hurricane. I am off to town to pick up some food and prescriptions, etc. See you all later when I get back.
We have all the outside furniture, etc. to put away tomorrow, so we will be kind of busy. See you later. JB

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


I will be happy to wait another week. Did not think about the storm!
Thanks for reminding me.

Today, I am making room to bring in all the small pots of everything-including the CC's.
Had to shuffle a few things around.....

All the power lines around my development are underground--but I am sure their
feeder lines, at some point, are above ground.
My biggest fear in all these storms is that the bigger branches of my big Silver Maple may come down.
She is a good 45+ years old. Not an unhealthy tree. Structure is good. But the branches sure are high.

Please, please stay safe! Will be thinking of you, Gita

Here is my Maple. Just went out and took this picture.
My house is on the left....

Thumbnail by Gitagal Thumbnail by Gitagal
Sand Springs (Tulsa), OK(Zone 7a)

Gita, back on Oct. 20th you posted "Ach du liebe". I remember hearing my German Grandmother saying that "quite often" when the cousins were at her house. But I never knew what it meant....just that someone was probably in trouble. lol

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


Literally--it means "Oh, you love"........BUT--it is an expression that would be equivalent to
"Oh, my goodness!!".

Expressions and sayings in different languages do not always translate well into another language.
It may simply not make any sense when you try to do it.

Aufviedersehn, literally--until again I see you. So--"till we meet again".

annapolis, MD(Zone 7b)

In my family we said and still say "Ach du lieber strosac!"

Usually said with a throwing up of hands gesture and often said by an adult
when coming upon a mess a child or children have made. Think of what a neatly raked
pile of leaves looks like after many children have jumped in it! Or how the living room looks
after all of the presents have been enthusiastically opened at Christmastime.
We were told it means "Oh what a lovely bunch of straw!"
Never a scold or criticism but an expression of endearment.
I just said it yesterday as I fit in the last of my plants on my porch in advance of hurricane Sandy!

Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

Gita, here are the trees I worry about they were planted over 50 years ago, more close to 80 years in fact. I have them cared for yearly but this year I ran short of cash so I did not have them done. I pray if they do not survive this storm at least they fall away from the house. The wind needs to come directly from the East for that to happen.
There are three on the right side of the lane coming into the farm and the one closest to the dog run is the one that scares me. It could land in the kitchen and dining area even farther into the house. It is so tall I could not get it all on the picture. The dog kennel is attached to the heater room off the kitchen on the right of this picture. Keep your fingers crossed for all of us with old trees. The wind alone is not the problem, but the 10 inches of rain, if the sandy soil is already saturated could leave the roots just go.

Thumbnail by JBerger
Sand Springs (Tulsa), OK(Zone 7a)

Beautiful old trees JB. Will keep you AND the trees in my prayers!

Crozet, VA

I haven't kept up with this thread for ages and ages but decided to report in that I too am seeing lots of budding on many of my cactus. Judy, one of the cuttings you sent me last year has one stalk with a full bloom. Just gorgeous.....a pinkish/salmony color. Beautiful.

The two larger pots of CC you had for me at Sally's are not budding yet. I have them in very low light currently and they probably need to be transferred elsewhere in order to have more light. If they do bloom for me this year, I am sure they will be really beautiful.

JB, how did you make out during the storm? Sounds really messy up that way. Thankfully our area was spared of much of anything this go round. For that I am very grateful.

Anyway......happy blooming all.


Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


I will try to mail out your CC's either Monday or Tuesday.
I really cannot tell which is which. The one I thought was red,
has a light colored "nubby". There does seem to be a white the pot
marked pink. There is a one marked pink--and that has the white buds.
I know which are the salmon for sure.

If I really do not have a red--I will send you cuttings after mine blooms.
You could go and check the Big Box Stores and see if they get a red one in--and buy it.

OK--I am very, very sleepy and tired. been up before 4AM. Store meeting at 6AM.


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