SOLVED: What is this succulent ?

Mexico, Mexico

Thumbnail by Guzmania2010
Beautiful, BC(Zone 8b)

Looks like an Echeveria of some sort.

Mexico, Mexico

Thank you !!

Ottawa, IL

looks like "Hens and Chicks" Sorry don't know the latin name. It is like a cactus. DON'T over water! It is great for rock gardens. It can also be grown in containers. They look really cool in those decorative planter with holes all over them that are usually used for strawberry plants. They grow well in sandy soil and are hardy at least to zone 5 where I live. Can be grown indoors also. The large rosette is the mother plant (the hen) the off shoots are the babies (chicks). It is kind of like a spider plant, as that you can take the babies off the mother plant, set them in sandy soil, give some water, and it will sprout roots and grow. Very easy plant to take care of, and you can make more from it :)

Carlsbad, CA(Zone 10b)

I think it looks like one of the smaller echeverias that has been in too much shade and has stretched out, but couldn't even take a guess as to which one as there are so many. The stalk looks too thick for a 'Hen and Chicks', plus their leaves are much closer together and much tighter in the center with more leaves. The only time I've seen a Sempervivums, aka Hens and Chicks', that tall is their flower stalk and it's much thinner than in your picture, although I do have to admit I don't have that much experience with them.

If you post your picture on the Cactus and Succulent Forum, with an added picture looking down from the top , you'll probably get a more exact ID.

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