Are we roosters?

Bridgewater, ME

Number one.Number two and three are the same chicken,looks like a girl in the face but the rest of it looks like a rooster.FIrst one is2 months old and the other one is 4 months old,no crowing form either.They are orpingtons

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Richmond, TX

I am usually optimistic and assume everyone is a pullet. The second bird, however, has rather roosterish looking feathering and the first has remarkably sturdy legs for a pullet. Neither one has much in the way of waddles or comb to suggest roosterhood. Do you have pullets the same age to compare?

Bridgewater, ME

This was a bad year for roosters,have no pullets this age

Bessemer, AL(Zone 8b)

IMHO, they are hens

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