How much is this stove worth?

Toronto, Canada

Hi all!

I'm new to the forums. I just moved into an old home with a wood burning stove in the living room. The home has a furnace and we are not interested in keeping the unit, it's an Acorn Voyageur stove in great condition. I was wondering if anyone knew how much this thing was worth? I'll post some pics. I would sell it with the piping (about 15' running along the house).

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Durhamville, NY(Zone 5b)

This guy seems to be able to sell one ate $150.

This guy was looking for $575 in Minnesota and if I read the ad correctly then he came down to $475.

This one wants $1200

$500 in Alaska in '09

In Buffalo $600

The thing I don't know is how Canadian building code and insurance requirements influence used stoves and their prices.

It is a nice looking stove. My gut on this is to throw it on craigslist for $500 and see if you get any takers. You can always come down.

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