Brugmansia springtime #1

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

hi there Guys we have had a very quite time of late, It is probably because of the weather and we have been so bizy potting up moving plants sowing seed, potting seedlings Labelling all of them

Make sure all your plants are labelled or you have a chart of your garden with where each cross is and how many, Im finding my Brother touch is coming in to its own with the 3"pots as you can see i have many of the same plants in propagation so many labels are needed

I also think its time for a good feed for the plants as we are coming in to some really nice weather in the next 2 weeks.

I thank all of you for your contribution to the multitude of threads on DG and the continuing support on Brugmansia thread Australia

We have come from here

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Brisbane, Australia

Rain at last!!! Nice showers this afternoon in Brisbane which produced 9mm of rain. When I wake up tomorrow I should see a tinge of green in the brown lawns.

Still have plenty of seeds of FFA X Mango Cornet and FFA X Fernando. Please D-mail if you think you could handle a few more of these.

Also, would anyone be kind enough to send me one cutting of Pink Panther. I have weakened and now decided I must have this one.

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

I have a few seed pods that have just come of my plants
If any wants some please feel free to Dmail me

aurea Y/O x.aurea (form) = ay/oxaf61012
tantra x.Old Apricot 1286 = txoa111012
aurea(form) x.aurea[Hull Rd] = afxahr71012

Went out side around 11pm today and had a look at my cold groups as usual hoping for some miracle to happen with the 'Y'ing GUESS WHAT I FOUND and what i found it on
i found a 'Y' yes i said a 'Y' but the funny thing is it was on my Strybing Vulsa X.vulcanicola 'Zunac' (hybMichael Graupe)
im so happy my first cold group OS ssed to bloom which i can already see a bud ill take a pic tomorrow and show you all Yeppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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Merino, Australia

Not much going on here at the moment. The brugs are enjoying the rain and I think the cold weather still hanging around is encouraging the sanguineas to Y.
I have about 7 now that have Y'd. No sign of buds though.

None of the other coldies have Y'd but are growing well.

My pods are all still looking very green and healthy.
I wish they would hurry up and ripen so I can pick them and see whats inside.

I have kept the 3 on ButterBomb as I know I pollinated a couple but the tags fell off.
The only other brug that was out anywhere near him was my Opale Etoile .
GHA was also out but is way over the other side of the house and shadehouses.

The largest pod and the earliest is still on aurea ( Lucas) . It sits below GHA and could be either pollen from him or pollen from any of the flowers I pollinated myself.
The bees or other insects could have moved the pollen from GHA to the flowers below on aurea Lucas.

Funny thing is , I never see any bees around the brugs. I must have moths at night doing the job.

I will share the seeds whenever they eventually decide they want to be taken off.


West of Brisbane, Australia

I look forward to seeing your coldie bloom, Shaun. Can't grow them here so the only way I can see them is online.

I agree with you about watering the brugs with a soaker hose. One thing I wouldn't do again is plant my brugs in pots (not once they're past the delicate seedling stage). This makes sense in cold climes where they have to be dug up each autumn but here, where they stay outside year round, it's a real chore to keep them watered. Although they send roots into the ground thru the drainage holes, they still can't get as much water (from the hose or rain) as they would if they were planted directly in the ground. Plus, you really have to aim the hose at each pot (pot after pot after pot) because of the limited root access to the soil. I've just had an overgrown area cleared and I'll be transplanting most of these bucket-grown unflowered seedlings straight into the ground with mulch on top and a soaker hose running down the centre. Time to simplify, I reckon.

Here's JxB showing an old and a fresh bloom.

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Brisbane, Australia

Cestrum, Nice photo of your J X B! It is colouring up nicely as the weather warms up. I hope my Rubirosa X Berkonigin seedlings give me some blooms as nice as your J X B.
I agree that growing brugs in the ground is the best, but as I am now limited with space, I will have to grow a few in large pots. Will just have to get used to watering the pots on a regular basis. If I choose to get rid of my hibiscus, I could plant more brugs in the ground. Although I am now more interested in the brugs, I just cannot bear the thought of getting rid of all my hibiscus at this time. Perhaps in a year or two I might feel differently.

West of Brisbane, Australia

I'm not saying that growing in pots won't work for other people, just that it hasn't been the best option for me because of the time it takes to water them this way and the limited amount of rainwater they can take up. Although I'm not convinced that you necessarily need more space to plant them in the ground. Obviously, you need soil (i.e. not concrete!) to plant them into, but I intend to plant them as close together as they are in pots anyway. It's a working garden for the time being rather than a garden display, if you get my meaning.

Ah, space ... is there ever enough? The more space you have, the more things you fill it with! I know you're not a fan of the native hibiscus, so this one is for Dianne: Barambah Creek, one of the native hibiscus that has grey, downy leaves (no thorns).

BTW, no one has offered to trade for my JXB cutting, which is rather odd given that it has such a pleasing pink colour. In case anyone is considering it, I was thinking that I would like a non-brug in exchange, perhaps something smaller to help fill in the gaps now that the canopy is pretty much in place. (No more hibiscus, either: I reckon I have enough LOL )

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Clifton Springs, Australia

That is very pretty, cestrum.....they must look lovely in your garden...I like the lilac tinge.
The only reason I haven't asked for a piece of your J x B is my LBG x B..... different pics make mine look like yours, so I have to wait until it's flush this year.....J x B is very lovely...and has desirable parents.

Snap, Shaun...I have a bud too on the Vulsas x from Michael G...
Colleen, check your's too...Jean's have Y'd so your's probably have a Y somewhere....Lucas probably has some too....I only have one bud and no other plants have Y'd yet...

Don't get rid of any of your Hibiscus, Allan.....I know it's a pain watering the pots but when they flower it's worth it...keep collections like me, all in pots...I couldn't have them otherwise..
Here is my first Y and first for the first

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West of Brisbane, Australia

For permanent collections in pot--which isn't what my unflowered brug seedlings are--it might be worthwhile to run a soaker/sprinkler hose along the pots if they're grouped in one spot, perhaps.
I can't remember what your seedling looks like Dianne but if you've already got a double pink, I can see why you wouldn't necessarily want another (unless you wanted its parentage in particular).
Looks like we're about to see those coldies bloom!

This one's for Jean, who has probably seen it before, but it's new for me: Salvia splendens. Flowering in a peachy colour with faint lines. I have just the one seedling, with one stem, with one flower on it. I hope it sets seeds so that I can propagate more because I really like it!

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Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Allan keep you passion up on those Hibiscus you really know your plants there, if you have many pots and they are quite close together a soaker or drip line is great to keep them watered especially when you do not have time to water them.

I just heard that QLD has snow WT#^# this is not normal.???

Cestrum i have not offered any thing for your cuttings as i really don't have much to offer in general so i also have to leave it but when i get a few plants that are blooming and your interested in them i may consider a cutting but not till i can do it fair & SQUARE

my cold group plants are starting to 'Y' as in Vulsas x.Zunac from Michael G.
here is my pic as promised

Allan when i had that dumb ebay store which i had no idea what i was doing i had my plants removed 2 times, since then i have sold many plants and seed and have not had a single report on me or my plants I think that having so many plants in 1 stroe was some ones issue so i thank you for your advice and help in this mater

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West of Brisbane, Australia

Er, am not interested in any more brug cuttings.
I have enough brugs!
But smaller plants would be ideal, no need for them to actually be in bloom.
Am open to any interesting offers :-)

The variegated shrimp plant has finally grown (from a small cutting) after, what, 2 years I think.
Well worth the wait, though.

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Brisbane, Australia

Shaun... Light snow and sleet in the Granite belt(near the NSW/QLD border) does happen occasionally but usually during Winter and not Spring. The temperature in Brisbane today was a bit cool but what we also had were gale force winds gusting up to 50 km per hour at times. Some brances broken off a number of trees but no major damage. Winds caused a power outage last night for 3 hours, which was a real bummer..did not get to see the end our favourite TV show 'Rake'. It is repeated again Monday night so will have to tune in then.
My first bloom on Wayne's 'Frilly Dilly' was torn to shreds in the winds, so will have to wait a little longer to see a first bloom as well.

Hope Chrissy is doing OK as I see on the news about wild conditions down her way!

Good to see you have solved the Ebay problems and selling plants and seeds. I am also doing quite well with the brugs on Ebay. Seems to be a little more interest in these beautiful plants since the publication of Alistair's book.

Victoria, Australia

Quote from Seachanger :

Snap, Shaun...I have a bud too on the Vulsas x from Michael G...
Colleen, check your's too...Jean's have Y'd so your's probably have a Y somewhere....Lucas probably has some too....

Sad to say It must surely be coming soon (hopefully beating the warmer weather) as one is 2m tall!! Also one seedling vulsa was light/dark green variegated (but it appears to have grown out of it)...
Well done with the vulcanicola x, Shaun, hopefully we will see it soon.

My apologies for my absence of late, looks like I have a bit to catch up on! :) Cheers.

Victoria, Australia

ps Jean how are those sanguinea seedlings going? Coming along? I was able to make some flava crosses with my sangs/arboreas also recently, should be interesting to see the results.

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Lucas welcome home long time no hear, the sang 'Widemouth' x are doing OK here also about 2 foot tall so they look very nice

Allan it dose seem there is a resirgance on the Brugmansia all over the eastern states and not so much the rest but that's my experience, The Book is the best thing in our modern history to revive the growing breeding and development of out Babies and it will also help if we can get those growers in to either BGI, Ibrug & here in DG with there experience's this will help every ones experience as a whole and growing group

Chrissy is i believe OK her Husband 'Frank' has had a bad stint with the sergant on his finger and she is a bit concerned with it
Chrissy we are all thinking of you and your man at this time

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Merino, Australia

Hello Lucas, Great to see you back again.
My sangs are all getting tall now. Most around 3-4 foot high. Some are slower but nearly all have a Y now. I think at last count there were about 14.
No sign of any buds , but if this cold weather stays around, they may flower.
No sign of any Y on the Vulsas though.
Some of the other coldies are also getting taller.

The warmies are all growing well now they have started on their spring/ summer diet of more food.
They did well over winter but started to look a bit anaemic towards the end of winter

What am I saying, winter seems to still be


Clifton Springs, Australia

Allan, don't forget if you want to watch Rake before's a great catchup site for Channel 2....

Hi Lucas, glad you are joining us again....

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Sydney, Australia

Hi to all ...hubby says he is breaking out of the Hospital tomorrow, I am surprised he has stayed there this long.
I hope all will be well.

I am really looking forward to seeing all the cold Brug babies ...well done everyone.
What to say about the weather ???? I give up as it seems to change daily.
I just hope the wind has gone now.

Did you see the discussion about old Apricot over at BGI ...very interesting.

Back sometime tonight or tomorrow.
Enjoy your arvo everyone


Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Hi chrissy Your hubby still in Hospital thought that he would have been home this weekend has there been more complications with the finger>????? sorry

Yes i have been keeping abreast of the Tommie Lockwood sergea and the possibility of it being a Old Apricot would that be interesting and changes the landscape of Brug development in the US having the heritage come from little young Australia

its a great day here today fine & sunny with a light breeze am potting and heading to sister-in-laws place to weed a bit over grown there

Sydney, Australia

Hi everyone ...well hubby finally is home as of 3.00 this arvo.
He has three specialist appointments over the next week and tomorrow off to the local GP for letters to the specialists.
They have detected memory issues while he was in Hospital and he has had an MRI.
I am hoping that it is only the pain killers that are causing the symptoms as I remember my brother often calling me nurse when he was on this medication.

We will have a nurse attending daily for the finger dressings ...sorry if I am missing in action for a bit.
Keep up the great work everyone !
I will try to catch up where I can.


Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)
Just the start of the season and plants being put in place for the next 2-3 years

Great to have him home and your Happy to have him back Chrissy

Clifton Springs, Australia

Shaun, what a nice little walk thru your garden....very enjoyable.
Also glad to see Ivoire doing so well, you'll have flowers very soon no doubt....
Thank you.

Sydney, Australia

Hi Shaun I admired your lovely Brug walk on FB ...I noticed you called Ivoire -Ivory, (you have a nice voice by the way ^_^)

It is pronounced *Iv wha*
It's French you see, and also a gorgeous perfume-which is where the Perfume person pronounced it so beautifully in a perfect french accent hence my knowing the right way to say it. ) ...just so there is no confusion about the names. This coming from me who pronounced Choux Pastry for years as Choox Pastry, until pulled up by someone and told to say Shoooo Pastry ^_^

Can't wait to see your Brug walk in a few weeks time.

Better get to bed now ...wake hubby up for meds and a busy early start tomorrow.


Merino, Australia

Great to see your brugs Shaun. I enjoyed the walk around.
Nice to see GHA looking good there. You should see the parent plant here.
After cutting back two years in a row, I have left him to his own devices and he is now back to over 10 foot tall.
I do like the area you have yours in.
Nice and sheltered.

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Thanks guys i think that i have one or 2 more aurea's that have to go out there 1 from Grandma's Garden and aurea(form) then all are out there,,,, as i mentioned in an earlier thread the only one i don't have is Macedon and i think the Ochre from North is looking very crap now and i don't think it will survive so what a shame as i had hopes for that one too.

This area is a part of the Body corp that i have been loooking after ever since i have lived here in Croydon throw the 90's i took care of it and now the last 5 years also the area dose not get used for any thing and the weeds are pretty much under control other then the IVY.

Chrissy you will see that next time i will have the name Ivoire pronounced correctly and how sis you not know Choux Pastry i knew how to pronounce it but never saw it written down or i would have been all fumbles.

I have now gived the rights to the Brugmansia that Alistair has breed 'Pink Knight' the beat place in the Yard as you come in up the path its the first plant that you will see with knightii in front a standard Old Apricot to the right and white ruff in the back ground when in bloom ill show pics the yard looks a right mess at the moment with nothing other then seedling brugs and mature plants that are still recovering from the big frost in July

Merino, Australia

Shaun, hope to see all those pics of the rest of your garden when you feel you have it right.
I am sure Ivoire didnt mind your teeny slip.
I never worry about pronunciation as most of us have all made the odd mistake over the years.

I am waiting on my aureas to flower so I can get a pic of the aurea avenue.
Of course they are all still small yet except GHA.
The brugs are all having a growth spurt at the moment. Even the aureas have no flowers just now.
Oops, Mango Cornet and Clementine still have flowers.
Clementine may have wrinkled flowers but they are huge and golden.

I am still waiting on my pods to ripen. Some have been on the plants for many months but are still all green . Maybe they need some sun . Hopefully by Christmas, I may be able to harvest them.

Clifton Springs, Australia

Jean, this year I pulled off all the buds on Clementine, I could see that they were going to be deformed, though I don't think that deformed is the correct word...they don't appear deformed to me, just very different from the doubles....anyway, I though that I would see how quickly they bud up again.....
Buck's Fizz is going to be the first because PP had a brief flush a month ago....
My pods are the same, big, green and rock hard all of them.....

Shaun, did you want Macedon.....I am sure that it is OA in disguise but if you would like a piece then I will send it..looking forward to the next instalment of Shaun's Garden...

Colleen, what is happening with your Arborea x Sang buds?.....they had better not have fallen were supposed to guard

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Well thanks guys for the positive words on my walk which is only just starting to shoot of now,

I have a few plants that have buds on them and looking forward to the blooms when they appear which will be a change from nothing to something very spectacular for me any way

Dianne that would be nice then i have all but 1 Australian aurea which is the one from up north Ochre then i will be right in to the breeding of our Aurea's and will have many different crosses in the Autumn

Jean & Dianne i hope that Clementine straightens her skirts out for you as it seems she is a bit naughty at the moment with not really looking after her skirts Good luck with them both of you ladies

Merino, Australia

Pics of my naughty Clementine..
Pics 1 & 2 are from a few weeks ago The flowers were wrinkled but still a lovely color . They were larger than they look in the pics.

Pic 3 is from a few minutes ago. The new flower and you can see how I had to peel the calyx off as it was not growing with the flower.
Poor flower is all bent. It will straighten a bit as it opens but will still look a bit squished.
Its not the flower, its the calyx not growing as quick as the flower.

Bad Clementine.
I hope she does better as the weather warms.


Thumbnail by 77sunset Thumbnail by 77sunset Thumbnail by 77sunset
Clifton Springs, Australia

We definitely all should aim for something that looks and smells as good as Clementine, but one that doesn't misbehave in Spring....
Shaun as soon as I get enough growth on Macedon, after it's big Winter prune I will send some to you...
Where is this warm weather?'s so cold outside.

barmera, Australia

Hi everyone. I have my first Dwarf Pink and Green flower. Thank you Shaun. Dianne, no I haven't lost my buds on the Arborea X Sanguinea. They are slowly getting bigger, one at about 5" long now and all the other between 2" and half an inch. About 8 buds on the two plants but the third plant still hasn't any. No buds again on my original Sanguinea. I don't know what I'm doing wrong there but I must be doing something. Might work it out one day. Anyway here's the dwarf P&G and the AXS pics. Colleen

Thumbnail by ctmorris
barmera, Australia

Sorry I pressed the preview button before I'd finished loading the pics. Colleen

Thumbnail by ctmorris Thumbnail by ctmorris
Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Jean those flowers tho a bit contorted are still looking beautiful so it should be better in the warmer weather where it can be realised from the calyx a bit quicker and it should not accrue then but with the cooler weather im sure it will return.

Dianne i will also get a few cuttings together for you and Jean of the aureas from Mel Bot & Footscray in the next few weeks and thank you again

Colleen hi there i don't get to see you very often as i don't really go in to the TEA room for chats only here, I am so glad that DP'n'G has done me proud there in SA and i hope that it keeps on keeping on for you tho Spring & Summer.
I like that your Ax.S are about to bloom the one that produces the seed should in most cases have it bloom first, hahahah Al really showed me up then didn't he 5 months from seed to bloom NOT FAIR JAN!!!!!!! but all excited about them any ways.

I have just moved 2 more plants to the walk aurea (Grandma's Gdn) QLD, and Butter bomb that will be all most all the aurea types out there
such hard work trying to find places to put them and what to put together even more harder when there are so many beauties that you wanna keep close

barmera, Australia

Thanks Shaun. Do you class Clementine as "Aurea"? Colleen

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Clementine is a x.cubensis which has all 3 species aurea, suaveolens & versicolor so with that i would say no.
However there is a strong influence of aurea in her and to many of us she would be put in to possibly a (double +) aurea category.
I how ever do not have her an i only look at her from afar hahah pretty as she may be
This is all my own opinion

Merino, Australia

Shaun, good girl or bad, Clementine is going to have a few dates with GHA as the weather warms.
She had better be nice to him as I want the two perfumes to combine ....mmmmmmmmm


Clifton Springs, Australia

No, Colleen....Clementine is not an Aurea, it's registered as a cubensis.....
I am so glad that your buds are holding on.....we are all looking forward to them.
I think that I would flick that Sang, I know you have had it for a while and tried hard to get it growing strongly but
I think there might be something wrong with it....
Love your DP&G.....

Shaun, I have reassessed my need for those Aureas and I think that I will leave the ones similar to GHA to you and Jean...I don't have the space....but could I ask you for a cutting of DP&G...I have been very strong resisting your offers to send it, but it's so pretty and I see it all the please, please..


Clifton Springs, Australia

Shaun, I could send Clementine to you...I just read your post...I've been on the phone and it's taken me a while to finish my first post....

barmera, Australia

First flower is just poking his head out. Tendrils sticking out and looks white at this stage. Should be able to see it within the next couple of days. A x S. Colleen

Clifton Springs, Australia

A big congrats Colleen, whatever colour it turns out to be....

Gena love your pics on BGI.....

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