Mysterious Plant

north vancouver, Canada

this little green mystery has captured the heart of my boss. He loves littlegreendave. And he has made me the plant nanny. Can you tell me what it is? will it bloom? should I feed it? should it dry out between watering? Im not the greenest thumb on the block so if you can tell me anything that will keep littlegreendave alive, I would appreciate it. I believe this plant holds my employment fate in its roots.
the leaves are soft and very bendable. the brown tips are not supposed to be there I would assume. The leaves are about 1 inch at the widest and and anywhere from 1 inch long to 3 inches long.
Can anyone give me an idea on how to keep the chlorophyll running thru its little stems and leaves. :)

Thumbnail by littlegreendave Thumbnail by littlegreendave Thumbnail by littlegreendave
(Zone 7a)

Larger pics would be most helpful in IDing your plant. They're very hard to see like that.

north vancouver, Canada

thanks kwanjin - I will redo photos on Monday. Littlegreendave thanks you for your interest as well.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

When you get your larger pictures, I'd suggest posting them in the Plant ID forum instead of here--lots of experts over there who will be able to ID it for you quickly (not to say someone here might not know it too, but people typically get ID's faster over there). Here's a link for you:

north vancouver, Canada

Appreciate the heads up (or leaf's up) ecrane3. Have taken it to the next level as you suggested with a better picture. Littlegreendave is a real ham and really appreciates your attention.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

In the meantime while you're waiting for it to be ID'd, I recommend reading this thread (the "sticky" thread in this forum) which has a lot of good advice about care. Most of it will be applicable no matter what your plant turns out to be:

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