CLOSED: What kind of Catterpillar is this ?

Mulberry, FL

have have found a few of these on my oak tree they are living with the azalea caterpillars there are a ton of them on there ! they seem to get along together but this kind i don't see to often would also like to know if it turns into a butterfly or moth and what kind thank you i live in central florida im going to post pictures of both cause im not sure if i have the one identified right which i think is this azalea caterpillar the other one is pink and green with green eyes or head and black spines

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Vancleave, MS(Zone 8b)

most likely Datana contracta on oak

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Mulberry, FL

ok danta contracta is the same thing as azalea cat

Mulberry, FL

i was needing to know about the second one but i found it its a southern pink striped oak worm the moth is so beautiful from it i had took some pics of the moth the other week and i never knew that was the caterpillar from it

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