flowers ID please

Knoxville, TN

Image 43 (far left image, white flowers) was taken near downtown Knoxville TN, on either the Ross Marble Quarry or Mead's Quarry trail, on Oct. 5, 2012. There are, what appear to be, petals of 2, opposing, with lanceolate leaves.

Image 47 (far right image) was taken on a greenway, on the same day, very near to where the above image was taken. It is similar in appearance to the Yellow Crownbeard (image 50 - just for comparison - center image).

If I can get help with these, be on the lookout for others. Many thanks, fellow wildflower lovers.

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Garland, TX(Zone 8a)

Looks like Verbesina virginica (white crownbeard) in the first photo.

Beautiful, BC(Zone 8b)

Second one reminds me of Bidens

Knoxville, TN

@nifty413 - I believe you are exactly right on White Crownbeard (1st image, on left); however, when I look up the also known as names, it doesn't even come close!? Strange.

@growin - The center image I had already IDd as Yellow Crownbeard. Thanks, tho'.

Any suggestions on what the far right image might be?

Beautiful, BC(Zone 8b)

Actually I meant the third reminds me of Bidens.

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