SOLVED: SOLVED: Mystery Plant ID Needed

Westerlo, NY

We can't figure out what this plant is. Even though it may look ok, it's very anemic right now, and this is the third cutting from the original that I've had to re-root in water and start over. It roots fine, it starts to grow when you first pot it, then it stops growing, leaves turn yellow from the base of the stem up, and it slowly dies. I've tried three different soils varying the PH on both sides of 7.0. We can't tell if it likes lots of water, or very little. I've tried Miracid, thinking it liked a more acidic diet since the leaves yellow. Nothing has worked. Any help would be appreciated! My wife loves this plant since she took a clipping of it at this place we spent to celebrate our anniversary up in Lake Placid, NY. That plant was huge and doing just fine in a southeastern sunny spot indoors.


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San Francisco, CA

it is a Columnea - a type of Gesneriad.

Westerlo, NY

Quote from Vestia :
it is a Columnea - a type of Gesneriad.

Thank you Vestia ! This will help immensely !!!

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