ID sulphur butterflies from larvae and chrysallis

Raleigh, NC(Zone 7b)

I usually hang out in the Plant ID forum but I thought it might be interesting to see what's going on in the insect/spider ID forum.

Our area has benefited from some welcome rain and cooler temperatures in recent weeks, which has encouraged my Senna corymbosa to rebloom. It's a good larval host for Sulphur butterflies and I've seen several different species nearby, but I don't know enough about them for ID.

#1 is about 1¼" long - note blue bands.
#2 is less than 1" long - maybe an earlier instar of #1 or perhaps a different species?
#3 and #4 are different views of the same chrysalis - it's about ¾" and obviously not the same species as larva #1
#5 is a pic of the Senna corymbosa host plant. From past observation, I've noticed that some of the Sulphur larvae prefer to eat the flowers (causing their bodies to assume yellow coloration) while others prefer the foliage and stay green. Advantage of eating flowers: More sugar and faster growth. Disadvantage: Predatory wasps seem to be very attracted to the flowers, thus making life dangerous for the flower-eaters.

Thumbnail by TomH3787 Thumbnail by TomH3787 Thumbnail by TomH3787 Thumbnail by TomH3787 Thumbnail by TomH3787
(Zone 7a)

#1 looks like maybe one of the Cloudless Sulphers. Try Phoebis sennae.
#2 could be a Pieris sp.

Vancleave, MS(Zone 8b)

2 is most likely a Sleepy Orange

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