Found in flats stairway Mid July 2010.

Can you help me identify this flying insect. I've lived in England all my life and have never seen this before, it looked way too large for the normal fly! My perants said it's a Privrt Hawk moth, the body looks right, but the head and legs looks nothing like a moth? The normall moth are tiny about 1 inch (2.56cm) Maximum! The head was round, shiny, hairless and black. He had nice white antenia's which were moving round and round. He was approimatly 5cm long and wing span was approximatly 10cm. When it was flying it looked like a Sparrow, because the colour of wings and size. The head looks like what Indian insects have the attchall size, shape, appearance, not the commen garden Moth.

Thumbnail by Raskit Thumbnail by Raskit
Minot, ND

It does appear to be a privet hawk moth -

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