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The Loon I Met

Toronto area, ON(Zone 5b)

Hi. It's hard to find or hear loons predictably anymore, and so I was breathless one early morning when I ventured out in the canoe with my camera in the Lanark Highlands, in Ontario. This beautiful bird appears to be nobly fixed upon a pool of liquid gold in the early morning sunlight, appropriately so for the Great Northern Loon (Gavia immer).

Thumbnail by Canadensis7
Kelseyville, CA(Zone 8b)

Congratulations on finding this beauty and getting such a pretty capture of it.

Grand-Falls, NB(Zone 4a)

I agree, they are not as common as they use to be. Great find!
I did see a little family this summer, on a lake near here. The last time I had seen some, was about 20 years ago. What I've been seeing on the lakes around here were mostly Merganser, Mallards, Goldeneyes, Wood ducks and Ring-necked, and Black ducks. So I was very please to see the Loon.

Molino, FL(Zone 8b)

How nice. I love loons, especially their haunting and beautiful sound.

Linthicum Heights, MD(Zone 7a)

I really thought they were more plentiful up North. I guess not. I rarely see one here in Maryland and only then as they are passing through. I seem to recall they were more plentiful on one of my visits to Maine years ago. A beautiful bird ........

I did read recently that The Common Loon is considered a Species of Special Concern in New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, but listed as Endangered in Vermont and Threatened in New Hampshire and Michigan.

Nice early morning photo.

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