How fast can I reintroduce rooted cuttings to sunlight?

Menifee, CA(Zone 9a)

The plant is Violet Trumpet Vine:

I got 4 cuttings to root in potting soil in the shade,
by keeping them in humid conditions, outside.

The stems were awfully skinny, & I doubted anything would come of them, but 4 surprized me. (: (They are only 1 to a few inches tall each, as the cuttings consisted of the ends of branches, and most of them were too skinny & new to work with.)

No new leaves have formed in the total shade...there are just those that were already on them before the cuttings were taken. (I didn't see how much sun they were getting before they were cut, as they were given to me already cut.)

I would like to know just how careful I need to be in reintroducing them to sunlight....

How fast, and how much sunlight, should I initially reintroduce them too?

The vine they are off of is on the west side of a front porch, in the IE of S. CA
if that matters, growing on a trellis.

Thank You! (:

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

I'd probably wait until you start to see new growth--until then I would assume they're still working on developing roots and I definitely wouldn't want to give them too much sun before their root systems have had some chance to develop. Once you see a little new growth, then you need to adjust them gradually to higher levels of light just like you would with seedlings. It doesn't really matter how much sun they were getting before, if you've had them in the shade for a while it's safest to pretend they've never been in the sun and start from scratch getting them adjusted.

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