Ginger Clumps Am I wasting my time and energy?

Saluda, SC(Zone 8a)

When removing an overgrown bed of canna I discovered 2 large clumps of ginger. I knew there was a single stalk because of an earlier bloom, but had no idea these clumps of plants had grown,

Since I have them, I would like to replant, in a more ideal situation. Will I be wasting time and effort at this stage of the game, in mid October?

I am going to take the chance, just would like opinion on what I might expect.

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Holly Springs, NC(Zone 7b)

Being that you are in 8a, you could certainly plunk them back into the ground as long as you mulch them really well once it gets colder at night. You could also set them into a pot in the house, tapering off watering over a week or two. The greens will die back and you'll end up with the root system only and then you can plant them in the spring as though you divided them in the late winter. I'd go with the first option, and I'm in 7b, but I suppose it's really just a matter of how much you want to risk.

Summerville, SC(Zone 8a)

Oh heavens no not wasting your time .. just put them back in the ground and heavily mulching really isn't necessary .. they look like hedychiums which are tough as nails. I've had them come back after just laying on the surface all winter.

New Bern, NC(Zone 8a)

I live in 8a (New Bern) and I don't mulch my gingers in the winter - they are on the north side of my house but protected by a wooded lot next door, and they always come up fine.

Having said that, maybe I'll mulch them this year and they'll show up earlier!


Grantsboro, NC(Zone 8b)

I have done it and they came up in the spring.
If you worry just plant in a pot and over winter in closed area

Summerville, SC(Zone 8a)

The hedychiums are the first to show up for me .. then the costus and the curcuma is last. Water is the key .. we had a lot of rain this spring and early summer and they grew taller and bloomed earlier than I've ever seen before. As I said, these guys are very, VERY hardy in my zone 8 and they aren't in a protected area either.

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