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planting milkweed

Bryant, IN

I am planning a butterfly garden and wish to include milkweed and goldenrod. I can find no information on the best spacing for planting. The area is a semicircle approximately 9 feet across with the milkweed plants centered and goldenrod to the outside edges.

Sharon, MA

I have been reading about how to create pollinator habitats, including milkweed. Here are some helpful links:


Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

Depends on the goldenrod , my is tall wild and overwhelming .it can easily overpower my milkweed if it is not kept cut .. I have a maximillion sunflower center with the goldenrod on the north half round and the milkweed on the south .
I suppose if you don't mind invasives you could let honeyvine milkweed grow on any of that , I grow that one on the beans and back bed trees presently

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