Need mulch suggestions.

Roswell, GA

I just planted a bunch of scrubs in my front yard and need some kind of mulch to put on the ground surrounding the plants. I have been thinking about pine straw . . . but I have a lot of leaves and leaves are almost impossible to get off pine straw. You cant blow them because that will blow away the pine straw. I don't like the look of wood chips. Is there some other kind of mulch you can suggest that would make it easier for me to blow the leaves off of it?. Or at least rake the leaves off of it?? Thanks.

central, NJ(Zone 6b)

Just shred the leaves and use that for mulch

Opp, AL(Zone 8b)

Ditto. Leaves are nature's intended mulch. Shredded, they stay in place better. But before I had a bagger mower, I just raked them onto the beds. I'm not impressed with pine straw as mulch.

Decatur, GA

Pine straw is good for keeping weeds down but doesn't enrich the soil as much as pine bark mulch does over time.
I don't have many leaves in my yard but I think shredding them is a great idea and I would if I could.

Kiowa, CO(Zone 5b) the past I've gone to pulic parks where leaves were abundant (oak realy great)..I had quite a few stares but couldn't care less, I wanted the If your city collects leaves, it's another great option.....On trash collection day...I've driven around the neighborhoods and picked up bags that had leaves in them before the trucks could get a few ideas...I also had neighbors that saved grass clippings for me, they are wonderful as they knit together....

Just a note....if the leaves are in plastic bags...can sit in the sun to dry and makes them easier to crush, just stomp on them....or if (wet-drying) can put in trash can and hit them with a weed eater to break them up.....Kathy

Decatur, GA

Great suggestions Kathy. Thanks.
Our county collects and composts yard debris each week. The compost is available for pick up and its free. I haven't done that yet.

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