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I had the idea to use microcrystalline wax to support those long necked tubers that never survive b/c they rot out at the neck. My Dad was an artist, and we always had a block of the wax lying around. I played with it as a kid. It is maliable at hand temperature, is available at some sculpture specialty vendors, and is not sticky. I tried it on the 1st spindly tubers I dug. I did a Google search on wax preserving tubers, (sounds like a great idea to me) and I got this great link! Maybe it should be added as a "sticky":


They talk about painting wax on tubers, but what about the sculptors' wax that is hand-formed? I'm thinking of it more as support & moisture retention for the skinny necks. A new experiment!

Brigham City, UT(Zone 5b)

Thank You. This is exactly what I needed. Will be digging in a few weeks.

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