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T.v issues

Washington D.C., United States

Every time we try to turn our tv on it will shut right back off.....before the picture even appears....the little light will come on and the click sound will be heard....but it is followed by the shut off click sound. sometimes it takes up to 60+ tries before it turn on? Any ideas on how to fix the issue? it is an RCA flat-screen??

Dover AFB, DE(Zone 7a)

One way that I have found to repair/troubleshoot things is to type the model # and name into a search engine and "turns off".

I did that with "RCA TV" and got this:

"Try this, unplug the set and press and hold the power button for 10 seconds, then plug it back in. This would discharge ANY static inside the set.

Beyond that, there are several problems in your set that could cause this. It could be a faulty CRT , which would cost you more than a new TV to replace. other common issues are cold/failed solder joints and failing IC regulators, or capacitors. All of these problems are common with your set, and would require circuit testing and replacement in order for the TV to function normally again. Average cost for this type of repair will between $150-$400 depending on which circuit has the failure on the set. Given that a new LCD TV would cost you only around $300 for a large screen, it is not cost effective to repair this set. Unfortunately, there are no resets or series of buttons you can press that will solve this problem and the set will require component replacement to operate normally again."

Read more: Our RCA TV (year 2000 model I think) turns itself off, and - JustAnswer

Another site said that to open the TV to even look at it would be $80 and that Wal Mart would be having their sale on Black Friday - in just a few weeks, and to hold out until then to buy a new one.

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