Chistmas Stocking exchange anyone? HO HO HO

Toledo, OR(Zone 8a)

Everyone received their stockings. That is so great. Thank you all so much for participating.
Hugs and Blessings throughout the Holiday Season.

Attention to Stocking Exchange Participants.

Please let me know when you receive your stockings.
I have Taters55 and Rose318 so far. Anyone else???

Stockings should have been mailed out by the 5th but I do understand delays and problems that do arise.
We all want to display our stockings so let me know.
Thanks everyone.

Can't wait for the fun Valentine exchange. Its still in the planning but I think its going
to be fun.

Stocking Exchange is closed.

I will send out the addresses and Names today.
Thanks for joining in and be sure to get those stockings mailed out by December 5th if at all possible.
Please let me know if there is a problem

There's plenty of room for more so pass the word, just 4 more days to sign up. Don't be left out in the wing, watching all the fun, come join in and make this the best Winter/Chirstmas Stocking exchange ever.

I want to do Christmas/Winter Stocking exchange this year.If there is anyone else that would like to participate, just let me know and once we have at least 6 we will go for it. It will not be limited to 6 but that is a good number to start a swap. We had such an awesome one two years ago and the one that I received from PlanoLinda last time is hung up all year as it matches my color scheme.

I am basically trying to get some feed back on interest and how many would like to join in. It was a great success last time.

Each stocking will be a total of 14" from top of cuff to toe, It would be nice if they were hand made but store bought and decorated would be okay as long as they are big enough and then fill each stocking with a few little goodies from your Christmas Stocking Exchange partner. We will ask for a few specifics as to the way you decorate for Christmas. Ole time Christmas, Contemporary Christmas, or a specific theme that you will be using for your Christmas decor this year. It helps to have a starting point to get the gears to creating.
So lets just do it.
Let me know if you are interested and if there is enough we will go for it.
The earlier the better so we have plenty of time to work on them without feeling pressured.

Thanks everyone, Looks like this is going to be a GO ! ! !
I think the fact that by allowing folks to purchase a premade stocking and then decorating it to match the chosen decorating scheme would be fine

They need to be mailed no later then December 5th because the USPS gets very busy this time of year and the mail gets slower as there is so much to deliver.

If you are unable to follow through with your exchange please let me know ASAP so I can fill the gap.
Lanakila and Taters if you will let me know asap your chosen theme I will add it to your name.
I will draw your exchange partner on the 10 of November so be sure to pass on the news to your fellow DG'rs so we
can have a Great Christmas Stocking Exchange.

Received Exchange Partner

1. Gourdbeader --- Vintage Nutcracker theme -----------------------------Tatters55- Received
2. Lanakila --- Winter theme, non religious small is okay ------------Gourdbeader- Received
3. Taters55 --- Traditional---------------------------------------------------Rose318 - Received
4. MudElf --- Turquoise and white likes snowmen---------------------Jumper2- Received
5. Rose318 --- Vintage------------------------------------------------------- Mudelf-Received
6. Jumper2 --- Winter theme-----------------------------------------------Lanakila- Received.

Another great Exchange. Thank you all.

Please send me your Christmas themes
Thank you so much for joining in

I think that this will help us all to get in the spirit of Christmas. I know that it always makes my heart smile.

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