Alabaster, AL

I was told by a biologist from Auburn university that this was not an invasive specie s and only harmful to grub worms. I have researched further only to find out that they may be killing my healthy earthworms. I live in a small subdivision and I am the only one experiencing these ugly things. Wonder why they showed up almost overnight by the truck loads and all their off spring! Any info is great!

Alabaster, AL

Sorry, my images did not upload on previous post. Here they are now. I understand that they are a flatworm, but I wonder why they showed up so fast in multitudes?

Thumbnail by Bamadirtgirl Thumbnail by Bamadirtgirl
Churchill, Victoria, Australia(Zone 10a)

That is the Hammerhead Worm or Land Planarian (Bipalium kewense). There is quite a bit of information on it on our BugFiles page here:


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