Mouse in the House

Nashville, TN(Zone 6b)

I have posted this before but was several years ago. You might enjoy it if you missed it last time.

This morning I was sitting at the computer peacefully catching up on my Emails. Hubby was watching TV.
I heard one of the cats making that sound that they make when they have a “Gift” for us. You pet lovers know the sound and can picture the scene. Kitty has something in her mouth that she won’t eat but she’s bringing it to her favorite people. Hubby heard her and yelled "Come here quick, something is wrong with one of the cats, she's at the door crying!!!”. Before I could tell him that the noise she was making meant that she probably had something horrible in her mouth as a “gift” for us, he opened the door and let her in the house. In her mouth was a very much alive “Gift Mouse” that she had caught and was bringing to us.

Now you have to picture this, Hubby was standing there barefoot, wearing a pair of shorts. Kitty ran to him and dropped the mouse right at his feet. It ran across his foot... he yelled, no he screamed. This once macho man was running for his life. So was the mouse.
The mouse ran under the chair. Hubby grabbed the first weapon that he could find…my new gardening magazine. He was yelling “I am going to kill that thing”. I was yelling “Don’t hurt it, it’s just a little mouse and that's my new Magazine”. I grabbed another magazine and together we started to herd the mouse out the door. Have you ever tried to herd a mouse??? Behind the sofa, around the lamp, up on the chair and then under the table, and that was just Hubby. LOL

At last we got the terrified little mouse out the door and onto the deck. It landed lying flat on its back with its tiny little feet trembling in the air. I thought we had killed. I went up for a closer look, I think that the little thing was laughing, when it saw me it jumped up and ran off the deck and into the yard. Hubby took a shower. LOL

Hubby is still mad at the cat. I asked if he thinks he will remember the sound the cat was making the next time he hears it. From his answer, which I can't repeat here, I don’t think he will ever forget that sound.

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New York, NY(Zone 6b)

I love the story. Never heard or noticed if my Torrie make any sounds when she brings me a special "Gift". She drops them and I have to quickly grab the mouse before she starts to toss it around.

Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

I know that sound...Horsie used to bring me a "gift" most every day...usually about 3 am...

Deer River, MN(Zone 3b)

When my BooBoo was younger, she liked to go outside. On one occasion, I heard her WAILING her little kitty guts out right under my office window. I rushed to the window and looked out, just to see BooBoo standing over a dead garter snake, crying at the top of her lungs (I swear that cat was sobbing). To this day, I don't know if she was horribly distraught over her unintentional murder of her new "friend", or if she was completely overwhelmed by her own hunting accomplishment. Over the next couple of years, she delivered several more dead garter snakes under my office window, always accompanied by her desperate and earsplitting wails. It only took hearing those wails once to know with absolute certainty what I would find under my window when I heard them again.

BooBoo still has a tendency toward overreactive vocalizations. Early last week, I took her into the vet for bloodwork. She cried most of the way to the vet, as well as most of the time in the office. As soon as her blood was drawn, I put her back in her crate with a small dish of food, hoping to give her mouth something considerably less noisy to do. But nooooooo. BooBoo stuffed her mouth full of kibble WHILE continuing to yowl her discontent. Silly little girl!


Nashville, TN(Zone 6b)

My "Watermelon" kitty has always been a cry baby. He is about 16 and he cries all the way when we go to the Vet. He had to spend the day at the Vet one day last year. They said he wailed the entire time he was there. When they called to tell me I could take him home I could hear him in the background screaming. Kitties are so funny.

Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

Picabo, I know the sound well! My cats all had that "announcement" voice. One of them often brought a live bird in the house! But she wasn't one to let them go. She always ate what she caught, but she wanted me to see what a great hunter she was.

My cats are all gone now, but my Nikko (german shepherd/golden retriever mix) is always on the hunt. He's brought it rabbits and squirrels to eat in MY house! Eeeeeew!!!! At least he eats every last bit of them so I have nothing to clean up but a wet spot. Eeeeeeewwwww!!

Loudonville , OH(Zone 5b)

Your stories bring back many memories from my childhood. I remember awaking one night to hear my father screaming & cursing. I had no idea what had happened and it frightened me. The next morning I learned that my pet cat had brought a "gift" in the house and left a live mouse loose in my father's bed. The mouse sought shelter by running up my father's leg inside his pajamas. He had been awakened from a sound sleep to this "thing" clawing his crotch. He jumped out of bed and jumped up & down, screaming & cursing the whole time. Finally the mouse fell out, the cat grabbed it, my father grabbed the cat and threw them both back outside.

We had a building on our farm that had bins that held the corn for the livestock for the winter. My collie dog & I performed rat & mouse patrol in the bins. My dog was an excellent hunter and killed & ate all she found. One day after a successful hunt I went in to brag to my mother about how many rats & mice we had captured. Mother was suitably impressed - until my dog threw up all the rats & mice on the kitchen floor. As I remember she chased us both out of the house with a broom. LOL

Ahh yes, those were the days!

New York, NY(Zone 6b)

Ohhh, so funny. Memories.

Nashville, TN(Zone 6b)

I enjoy all the funny memories that we have. At the time maybe not so funny. LOL

Fairfield County, CT(Zone 6b)

My Vet's husband told a funny story about a mouse that was being chased around their apartment by the youngest cat. Of course my Vet was running after the chased mouse trying to save it from the cat. The senior cat was sitting, watching the whole thing with silent disdain until he just reached out a paw and without even looking, caught the mouse. Then he looked at his people as if saying "see I told you he was useless."

(Zone 7a)

LOL!!! Love all the stories. The only things I get brought these days are grasshoppers. Yum!

Nashville, TN(Zone 6b)

My old kitty "Pins" (on her back in the picture above) was quite the hunter in her younger days. I was sitting on the deck one day watching the Humming Birds at the feeders in the yard. "Pins" was beside me. She suddenly jumped up, ran down the steps and leaped about 4 feet in the air to grab a Hummingbird near the feeder. I wouldn't have believed it had I not seen her. I raised the feeder. She has trouble jumping on the bed these days. LOL.

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