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Kemp, TX(Zone 8a)

its been 4 years now since i started in dirt. 3 weeks ago, after another texas heat wave that made it no fun to even try, i set out to grow my next adventure in some kind of pots. well to start out its just lowes buckets, home firing giant ceramic pots can wait for a while. I'm new around here so ill just load a few pics here and there. zucchini and cucumbers are my first two container tries. well i did top off an okra and after 23 days in water it rooted, its part of the adventure too.

pitcher plant! ok now i gotta learn how to do that!

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Kemp, TX(Zone 8a)

i did have one more pic to show. against a southern wall of a metal building. its 120 degrees bouncing off that wall on a 80 degree day. im in the process of moving the whole adventure. when its 40 in a few months ill check it out, might be 80 against the wall! probably not

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Kemp, TX(Zone 8a)

still learning, moved the plants, and had a suprise that a good harvest can come out of a 1 gallon pail.

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Kemp, TX(Zone 8a)

The wilted squash up there turned out to be this guy. i harvested three today, i think is cue ball zucchini

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Fabens, TX(Zone 8a)

Very nice. I tried a tomato in 5 gal a few years ago, It also did very well. I think I will try this once again next year. Good luck to you. Where did you get those black 1 gals. from?

Kemp, TX(Zone 8a)

The one gallon buckets i got at a Dollar Tree store. Everythings a dollar! I check in there alot. Just the other day i went in and they had 1.5 gallon pails like a kid would use at the beach to make sandcastles. and in lighter colors, a lime green and and a blue. wont get as hot and a little more room for roots.

i went overboard on dinner. round zucc slice with crumbled potato chip halo. (ate the zu but kinda scraped the tater chips in the compost pail)

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Everett, WA(Zone 8a)

I collected suggestions from another DG thread on where to find FREE 4 or 5 gallon buckets.

car washes
burger joints (pickle tubs)
school cafeterias
restaurants (especially Asian)
bakeries & doughnut shops
supermarket bakeries
supermarket delis
painters & drywall contractors - wash well! (Some use plastic-lined cardboard tubs.)
cat people's kitty litter tubs (maybe less UV-resistant)

drycleaning shops - maybe plastic 55 gallon drums

It never hurts to bring vegetables like tomatoes, cut flowers, or potted flowering plants with you to offer in return

New Port Richey, FL

Squash in 1 gal buckets? How did you do that? That's the one thing I can't seem to grow and get a good crop even in 5 gal buckets.

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