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Aussie Garden Shed Wanted

QLD, Australia

G'day all,

I need help please.

I am looking at setting up a small garden shed at the back of my block of land.
I have looked at this: in the smooth cream colour.

They have a flooring frame that goes with it that I can use but thought it would be nice to buy ply wood locally so I can use it as a floor. BTW, the area I am looking at is sloping down. I'm also considering If I’d have to use a brick or concrete to level it out.

What do you guys think? Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

All the best.

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

If Its a sloping block, dig it in about 6 inches, then put about 3-4 inches of concrete in , for a floor and make sure you put pins in through the sides into the concrete,.[remember, its what holds it down that matters], not what holds it up,.,.Have fun !!!

noonamah, Australia

If you're in a cyclone prone area then it will have to be coded. Check what the requirements are with your council.

QLD, Australia

Thoughts appreciated guys. Yes, you're right > "It's what holds it down that matters" :-)
No one told me that. BTW, I thought getting a permit won’t really be necessary since it will only be a
small portion of my lot that needs to be constructed but will still check about it just to make sure. Thanks a lot.

noonamah, Australia

The way the authorities are these days you just about have to get an engineers report to put a nail in the wall.

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

A small garden shed??? Cyclones- Codes--Permits????.,.,Just erect a shadehouse and wear a plastic coat when it rains!

QLD, Australia

You bet tropicbreeze. Sometimes have to think twice if I really own the place or the other way around. LOL. A plastic coat would be nice but need some sort of a storage than the shed. ;-)

Maidstone, Australia

where you from Adam..? you might need council approval for your shed.

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