My computer won't work when I write.

Des Moines, IA(Zone 5a)

If I send anyone a E-mail I cannot get the mouse to go below the subjet line, The mouse pointer works on when I put in someone's name & when I go to the subject line but I lose the pointer below that & I can't write anything unless I write on the subject line. When I go below the subject line I lose the mouse & I get a capitol I & then the hour glass starts blinking like it's trying waiting to load but it is not loading anything. I can type here with the capitol I but I don't see the pointer arrow, I don't know why it lets me type here but not a E-mail. Can anyone HELP..
I will be gone until after 8:00 am but you can E-Mail me at [email protected],com . I could use any help.
Thank You
Jerry Thacker

Durhamville, NY(Zone 5b)

First how do you do your email, on the web or with an email client like Thunderbird?

The capital "I" is what the cursor looks like when it's in an area that you can type in. First guess is that you have simple have to click in the message area of the email. I have know Idea why the hour glass appears. What operating system are you using.

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