What insect lay these eggs?

Albany, ME(Zone 4b)

These eggs have cropped up on a hibiscus. One to three eggs on several leaves. The egg is a little smaller than the head of a pin and seems to be attached by two little protuberances at opposite ends. I haven't yet seen a bug that seems related, although the plant did have a bad case of aphids on its buds. I cut them all off.


p.s. I originally posted this in Pests and Diseases. I was unaware of this forum until someone there suggested I post it here. I believe there's a sanction against double posting, but I think I made a mistake with the first posting.

Thumbnail by LAS14 Thumbnail by LAS14
Minot, ND

The images are not clear enough to be certain, but these look more like dead aphids (maybe parasitized) than eggs...

Albany, ME(Zone 4b)

Well, that would make sense, given the invasion of aphids I found on the buds.

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