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Invasive pygmy/dwarf bamboo

Loughborough, United Kingdom

HELP! I live in the UK and have a section of garden (20ft x 6ft) that is being taken over by a dwarf size bamboo like grass. Despite our best efforts - using the regular type weedkillers from the DIY stores - we can't seem to get rid of it. It is on one side of a pathway, and is showing signs of 'popping up' on the other side of the pathway too. We want to kill it, it looks unkempt, it's just in the wrong place. How can we do this?

(Zone 7a)

Unfortunately, it sounds like you may have to dig it out making sure to get all the roots. Do you have a picture of the plant?

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

A picture would be the best way of getting help identifying the grass / bamboo, there are several types of grass that grows the way you describe what you have and also, there are small Bamboo as well but until you know what your treating, weed killers can be an expensive waist of money and time,
Some type of plants need a special type of killer OR a different type of treatment to get rid and even then, It could be a very long intensive job to try rid your garden of this pest BUT, until we know what the problem plant is, then maybe just getting the RIGHT help could save you time and money.
Im also here in UK and one type of weed / grass we have everlasting problems with is called Couch Grass, it is tough and has long white rots that creep underground and if you try dig it out, any tiny bits of root left sends up a clump of new plants. maybe this is what you have too.
Good luck, Weenel.

Loughborough, United Kingdom

Thank you Kwanjin and WeeNel for your responses. We know it isn't couch grass - had that before at a previous home. It is definitely a small bamboo. Here is a photo of the offending plant, against a tape measure to help give a perspective of size.

Thumbnail by BeltonRose
Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Hi again BeltonRose, I have tried all sorts of research for your Bamboo and so glad you sent a picture as it made the task so much easier.
What I have found is regarding your invasive plant is you have, I'm sure, Nepalese Browntop, (Microstegium Vimineum X A.camus.
It's also known as Japnese Still Grass, this is an annual grass that can flower and make between 100-1000 seeds per plant, you right when you said it is very invasive, in it's homeland it is or was used as packing material for all the pots and china that was arriving by ship into Britain, Europe and USA at the time where we shipped all our things from the East, the other way it has escaped is via water, the seeds escaped into rivers, dockside areas and the birds and other animals carried these seeds around the country, it was as far as I know, ever a plant that came here for sale or propagation but like some other invasive plants like japanese knot weed, once it takes hold, it is very difficult to get rid off and some places these invasive plants are reportable to the local authority.

What I have found out for removal is the use of the Herbaside to spray is Glyphosate.
However, IF you are going to spray, I would walk among the plant as as you go, give it a good whack with either a broom handle or stout garden cane to bruise
the top growth so that the spray gets taken in quicker, you wont see any signs of the plants being killed off for several weeks as the killer needs to be taking in through the foliage and then carried down to the roots, you may have to do this several times in a season and perhaps now we are into Autumn, it may be too late as the plant being Annial, it will begin to die off end of summer anyway.
Perhaps the best time to spray would be next spring when the top growth is new and not as tough, emerging and about 4-6 inches tall and in full growing mode.
Also remember IF you spray, make sure you do it when there is no wind or even breeze as this will cause the killer to be blown into and onto some of your other plants, any small plants that are in among this weed could be covered with an upturned plant pot till the spray has dried where you spray.

if you can, go onto Google and type in the name give above and you will find more info.
Hope this helps you out. Good Luck. WeeNel.

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