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What could be the problem with my 10 yr old banana tree?

Deltona, FL

To my ever so helpful friends,
Please tell me what the problem could be with my banana tree. I planted it 10 years ago and it produced only once. Not only has it stayed the same size of approximately 4 ft tall in the years, but the bananas it produced then, were tinie winie, sad looking and didn't even ripen. I feel like digging it out and throwing it away. Please help me.

Thumbnail by Mabatho
West Palm Beach, FL(Zone 10a)

Try using composted horse or cow manure as banana corms enjoy organic fertilizer, schedule frequent watering, then observe growth of new leaves as measure of healthy conditions. Once a banana tree fruits, it should have produced off shoots or pups, and after harvesting the bananas, take down the mother stalk so the plant energy goes to the next generation... (see picture from my former banana garden).
PS: At both the spring and fall Mounts Plant Sale events in West Palm Beach, a regular show stopper display by the folks from Going Bananas... ...attracts avid backyard fruit gardeners. You might try contacting these experts to confirm my suggestions or get better advice...
Good luck!

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(Zone 9a)

I wonder if you might have a dwarf variety, 4' is pretty small for a banana.

noonamah, Australia

Bananas definitely are gross feeders, they like a lot of rich compost/manure. For a 10 year.a old plant yours is quite small and only 3 leaves is very little to support the plant. The problem could be too cold a climate (or microclimate) and/or insufficient nutrient. They do need a fairly long growing season.

Deltona, FL

Thanks to all my ever so helpful friends. Your input is very much appreciated.


Rawalpindi, Pakistan(Zone 9a)

Bananas like nutrients, humidity and moisture. Gross feeders is correct while humidity it gets in Florida. If you can some how divert your kitchen wash waste water to it plus manure, then look at it grow. Kitchen waste water is also rich in nutrients, must be something in soap.

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