Also, my 4 yr old navel tree

Deltona, FL

Dear friends,
I also have this navel tree. It is 4 years old, about 4 ft tall and the only time it produced { 4 navels only } was a few months back and the all fell off before they could ripen. Mind you, I feed it with a citrus feed. What could be wrong with my fruit trees? Please help.

Thumbnail by Mabatho
Laie, HI

Need lots and lots of water.

in Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

Is the tree planted to deep? Maybe it the picture.

Deltona, FL

Thank you both for your responses. I will certainly put your advises to good use.



Keaau, HI

The general home rule here for fruiting is five years to never. I'd say it's a little early to expect your tree to give you much fruit.

Be patient and keep caring for your Citrus. It will please you with lots of fruit soon!

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