Decatur, GA

I discovered this on my kalanchoe awhile back. Very strange. You can even see some on the tips of the air roots. The tissue was firm, not moist or mushy.
I threw it all away for fear of it spreading. So far I haven't seen it again anywhere.
Any thoughts?

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Menasha, WI

I'm only guessing here, was there some injury to the plant? You know like it over produced tissue or sap to heal itself. cll

Decatur, GA

There were several areas on the same 'stuff', even on the tips of the air roots. Possibly excess sap/exudate? except it wasn't wet.
Strange to me.
Thanks cactusloverlady.

Baja California, Mexico(Zone 11)

Don't know what you have but it looks like abnormal, uncontrolled growth. A little like what happens with the aloe mite, though from some other cause. Areas which were already in active growth kicked into overdrive. Some kind of virus maybe.

Decatur, GA

You could call it plant cancer but I am not sure there is such a thing. My guess is viral too Baja.

Menasha, WI

helenchild, To bad there wasn't some sort of county agent to ask or show a specimen to. It would be interesting to find out what it is, how to prevent it and so on. If you ever research further,make sure you let us know. Good luck, cll

Mesa, AZ(Zone 9b)

From the looks of it, it would probably be classified as plant gall, which can be caused by many different organisms from wasps to fungi and bacteria.
The following website shows some of the many different appearances and provides some info as to the cause:

I think getting rid of the infected parts of the plants is the best way to deal with it. If it keeps coming back on the same plant, then maybe it is something else.

Decatur, GA

Thanks mcvansoest. Of course gall is the correct word opposed to cancer.
The site was great. So many weird units!
I think my plant was infected with something, hence the title. But who knows by what.

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