Moss garden installation

Asheville, NC

Greetings all; I'm new on this forum, so I hope this post is appropriate here (feel free to move/remove if not). It looks to be an amazing resource.

I have begun my own gardening business this year. Recently I've been asked to install my first moss garden, which is something I'm very excited about doing. I'd love to hear tips from anyone else experienced in moss gardening.

I'm planning on using small boulders, a combination of surface-covering and more vertically-growing mosses, as well as ferns, azalea, and some hostas that are already on site. Also some dwarf crested iris if I can find that locally. I've done lots of research on the best way to propagate the moss and it seems that division into small pieces will work well.

I'm looking for three things--more suggestions about planting companions, your success stories about transplanting and encouraging moss, and also pointers for calculating a quote on the installation (it is a 7 by 10 area, and nothing really needs to be removed). Thanks a bunch in advance!

Calgary, AB(Zone 3b)

You might find some useful advice in the book Moss Gardening: Including Lichens Liverworts and Other Miniatures by George H Schenk.

Hopkinton, MA(Zone 5b)

arethusa, I transplanted some moss that was growing in a rock crevice to a similar location near my home (half rock, half dirt) and it thrived. I've also transplanted lots of other moss by stamping it into hard clay soil and it has always grown quickly. I guess it helps to provide a hard surface for growing. I also recommend deep shade to part shade for all moss transplants and a regular supply of moisture.


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