Buy trees with curved or leaning trunks?

Cayuga Heights, NY

I posted earlier about cornus kousa Red Select. Was planning to create a border with these in front yard. Have learned that any dogwood in my area is at risk due to deer. So I am planning to buy a couple of kousas for the back yard which is fenced. Since I will use these as specimans, I have been considering Satomi. I'm attracted to the crazy shapes of some at the nursery.

On one, the trunk is straight to a point, then goes horizontal (see below). Has interesting look (reminds me of trees in Japanese paintings), but is it totally impractical? Would snow on the branches cause the trunk to break? Is a tree with a weird trunk like that an unhealthy tree?

There are others where the trunks are leaning and are held up with stakes (see photo below of trees in a line with burgundy leaves). The guy at the nursery said I could position the tree straight when I plant. He also said the tree would start to grow straight even if I planted as is in pot. Is this true?

I also like the one (also below) with the straight trunk and very strong horizontal branching. Perhaps this is the best bet? I might get two trees if two seem viable.

I am a novice re trees so will appreciate any advice. Thanks.

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Beautiful, BC(Zone 8b)

I wouldn't be as concerned about the uprightedness (a word?) of the tree as much as the overall health of the tree. Some of the images show trees that are drought stressed. Pick the healthiest tree and, once planted, you can shape and stake as necessary.

Cayuga Heights, NY

growin: Thank you for your suggestion. We _have_ had a dry summer here, but it seems the nursery should have watered the trees as necessary. I will try to find healthiest-looking trees.

Pepperell, MA(Zone 6a)

that first one is nice.

Warrenton, VA

Weird consideration, but one I've found is vital to our yard, is considering THE WIND. I plant trees and shrubs leaning INTO the wind these days. Yep, LEANING.
My Japanese Maple, shaped much like that great first photo of yours, was planted this way. That puppy, two years later, is STRAIGHT! HAHAHA!
Patience, my friend. Get that neat curvy tree, and point it into the wind, and sit back. Let Mother Nature work for you.

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