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Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

I have wanted an aquarium for at least 20 years. Today I went to my eye doctor for my checkup. Aquarium Adventure is about a mile down the road, and I LOVE, LOVE LOVE going there.

I bought a small, 5 gallon Fluval Spec tank. It is approx. 17 wide by 10 high by 6.

I really like Beta ( or is it Betta) fish, and cory cats, and they said this would work fine for them. We had a tank 45 years ago, when I was a kid, and it was a pain in the neck to keep clean. However, as I researched, I **hear** that the newer tanks are much easier. I got a magnetic algae cleaner, a starter kit, some substrate and some rocks.

I am leaning to getting plants to put in it- not plastic ones.... real ones. I am, after all, a gardener by nature. If anyone has any experience I'd love to get advice on planted vs. not planted. I need to go back to the doctor in 2 weeks - have till then to decide on planted or not, and what fish.

They told me how to wash the small gravel substrate, and the natural rocks I bought and told me to put water in etc, and let it go for the 2 weeks, then get one fish to put in for 30 days, with the plants if I want them. When it has cycled, I could add a few more things. They recommended a red onion snail that cannot reproduce in fresh water.

Although I like Bettas, I would be open to a dwarf gourami instead, or some other nice fish as the "main" fish. I am also open to just a few of the endlers, as I thought they were very neat, small fish.

Some of the fish I really liked were.... (have not done research on these yet --)
Blue Paradise Fish
Albino tiger barb
Dwarf neon rainbow
peppermint tetra
julii cory
lemon tetra
rosy pristella tetra
I really liked the little male Endler
electric blue dempsey
powder blue gourami
Harlequin rasbora
Gold white cloud
Gold gourami
Orange Von rio tetra

I tend to like schooling fish. I know that I am very limited on number of fish for the size tank. The Endlers were so pretty, and little - but were 7.99 each. They said I should get two cory cats, and they could be different types.

They also recommended a red onion snail - said they cannot reproduce in fresh water. They also said shrimp would be a good addition.

From looking at all their fish, I would say I am drawn to blue fish, and gold or orange fish.

I thought I would try this small tank. If I like having and caring for fish, I can upgrade to a larger tank, and use this one for a quarantine tank.

Anyone have any advise for me?

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

For live plants make sure you have enough light.
The Betta would be great in there plus some small fish that do not nip fins.
I had a 45 gallon tank and I had 3 Bettas living in it, the spared but did not really fight. One was the overlord and could swim every where in the tank and the other two had to stay-one on each end. The females I added fought more than the males.
Blue Paradise Fish and the gourami are also peaceful fish.

I love Clown Loaches but they can get to big for that size tank, but they are funny fish

good luck

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

I've had time to do some research. Good thing I like betas... looks like about the only thing to live in that small tank. Corys are supposed to like to be in schools of at least 6, which are to many for the 5 gallon.

And, seems doing a fishless cycle is the way to go, not what they told me. But, that requires a few drops of ammonia to start, and I've gone to 4 stores and cannot find ammonia without surfactants.

I may give up on this, take it all back, and save money for a bigger tank. Betas are among my favorites though, and maybe one fish is enough for me. I am attracted to doing the planting... but wow, real plants are not inexpensive!

Thanks, Wren!

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

you are welcome.
I have never had more than 2 Corys at a time.

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

That is encouraging on the corys. I have always liked their activity.

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