A "Little Bird" told me

annapolis, MD(Zone 7b)

A little bird told me that today is a special day for a special lady

Happy Birthday Rubyw !!!!!

You are a real gem.

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Las Vegas, NV(Zone 9a)

Happy Birthday Ruby. The bulbs you sent me, I thought they died. But they are now putting up shoots. Must like cooler weather. We are down in the mid 70s.

Have a great day. Sharon

Dover AFB, DE(Zone 7a)

Happy Birthday!!!!

Baytown, TX(Zone 9a)

Happy Birthday Ruby! Hope you had a great day! Best Wishes and may God bless you abundantly throughout the year!


Desoto, TX(Zone 8a)

Happy Birthday (a day late), Ruby. You have such a beautiful soul I hope you had a great day and another today.

Newark, DE

Ruby HAPPY Birthday!

Sorry I didn't get in on time, I was at my brothers a couple days and am just getting back to 'puter land. I can say I hope it WAS a happy one and that it continues everyday -


Lee's Summit, MO(Zone 6a)

Happy Birthday, 2 days late! I hope you had a BLESSED day!

PERTH, Australia

I hope you had a really wonderful birthday, Ruby and have a decluttered year ahead.

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Eagle Point, OR(Zone 8a)

Happy Days, Ruby! You are the glue that holds these pages together.

Lovely photos, coleup and Margaret. I thought I saw a Purple Gallinule in the grass, but no. Tell us about your photos. I love how the gorgeous Ruby gem is anchored to the blob.

Crozet, VA

Hey Gals - I am just finding this. Thank each of you for taking the time to send birthday wishes.....looks like I am the one late though. Each of you have been extra special to me over the years and I have learned a lot from so many of you. I was writing on another Dave's thread about what joining Dave's has meant to me over the past seven or so years that I have been a member. I have found some true and very likeminded friends. Even those of you whose faces I have not seen have a special place in my heart, and in my mind, I have put faces on all of you. All quite beautiful faces I must say, with lovely smiles.

Thank you Cole for letting folks know about my birthday, much appreciited and I love the picture of owls and the ruby also. Oh yeah Huck, Margaret and her stories will enthrall you. She is writing a book on the subject....may be finished by now. What's the update on the book Margaret?


PERTH, Australia

You're too kind, Ruby. The book is in its final stages. If it's accepted for publication, I certainly let you know.

Crozet, VA

Oh cool Margaret - I had forgotten where you were with it. The very best of luck to you in this endeavor.


PERTH, Australia

Thanks, Ruby.

Yucaipa, CA(Zone 10a)

Belated Happy Birthday greeting from me too Ruby! As I mentioned to you in my other message, I was having some serious internet issues with my old desktop computer. I hope that your birthday celebration was a blast and that you got everything you wished for! Yes, I have to agree with what huckleberry6 said ~ you are the "glue" that holds us all together! I know for a fact, that you've been the 'driving" force in my declutter processes. I may slip up sometimes, but I remember your words and get back on track. Thank you so much for your caring and motivational words. The attached photos are my gift to you. I hope you like them. The first one is called an "artichoke" flower and the 2nd image are Petunias [I think ?].

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Eagle Point, OR(Zone 8a)

I adore artichoke flowers. They are an electric purple-blue color and have a honey scent. I eat all my chokes before they can flower. Sometimes one escapes my gluttony and surprises me with a bloom. I always think "why don't I save the biggest for blooming?"
Fabulous photo, Fleur. Thanks for posting it.

sorry ... i mnow i am late... but still wana say you Happy birthday Ruby

Crozet, VA

Thanks everyone......I am still even later than you guys. I have been side tracked a bit the past few months and haven't taken the time to spend much time on Dave's. I am hoping to catch up on some of my reading here this weekend.

I am involved in yet more de-cluttering. Still packing away too many items that will probably just eventually go to charity at some point, but for now I am sitting aside in hopes of some time finding time and energy to try recouping some of the money I have spent on things over the years. I figure that after this particular de-clutter, I might use some of my time to do some on line selling, or running local Craigs List ads.

Two years ago while undertaking a major getting rid of things I realized that so much of my stuff were leftovers from shopping trips to Dollar Stores. If it was a deal, I would buy a lot more than one of any item that I took a liking to. This time the theme of the de-cluttering and my wasteful money tendencies seems to be in the form of books that I have purchased and then not read or some even looked at. Two years ago I took a vacation from shopping at Dollar Stores. I have only recently begun venturing back in from time to time and then try to buy only edible and consumable things such as cleaning supplies or hygienic things.

Haven't really decided my plan for not wasting more money on books. I haven't bought any for a while, so have probably figured out I had a problem before now, but seeing them all together pretty much at the same time now is like rubbing salt in a wound.

Anyway ya'll, thanks for checking in with birthday wishes. I am hoping to catch up with reading on Dave's this weekend, so maybe will see some of you on other threads that are more current. I hope that my absence hasn't let any one down.....I did'nt realize that any one was thinking of me as being glue that held us together....I will definitely try to do better.

All of you are especially special to me and have played a part in any decluttering successes I have made. Thank each of you for that.


Newark, DE

Hey Ruby,

I might have a suggestion for you about the books. I too am a book lover. I can't afford to buy them from the book store at retail, so I usually get mine at Goodwill, yard sales etc. I always have plenty to read. Well, every spring I would cull all that I had read and sold them on eBay to get rid of them and make some money too. This past spring, I found books were not selling as well. I suppose everyone has to have one of those electronic readers. They are fine but I prefer books for MANY reasons. Anyway, I had those boxed up and then I just culled more. I had over 300 I was finished with.

I was going to send them with my SIL to a little town in WV who's town library is literally a shed. She said when she went there they didn't have hardly any books! So I contacted the librarian and asked her if I could send her my books via my SIL coming down there for the library for free - her answer? are you ready?....... "Well, I can't handle that many books. It would take forever to go through them. So I will have to say no" ...Huh? Go through them? Did she mean she had to read them all first? I told her they were all best selling authors like James Patterson, Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Tess Gerritsen, etc, but she still said "thanks, but no" - Whatever....?

I was just about to just take them to Goodwill and donate them when I got a flyer in the mail from a new store that took over the old Border's book store called "2nd & Charles". They buy, sell and trade used books! On the flyer was a coupon that said "double your trade in value". Well, I went there and made out great. I didn't get rid of all the books in my truck because they limited each person to 3 plastic bins (kind of like the post office uses only smaller). However, I loaded those bins and in about 30 minutes they had gone through my books and I was offered $36.+/- in cash or trade in value. The trade in must have normally been about $75 because my double your trade in value coupon made it $149.66 in store credit. Of course, that is what I chose because while they were processing my books I had a chance to look around. They had some older library books that were $1 and some books on clearance. The other books ranged in price depending on age, condition etc. I saw one of James Patterson's I did not have and the prices were from $2 to $9.60 for the same book depending on edition, condition etc. So I solved multiple problems in one shot.

1. I got them out of here.....
2. I got some value (besides reading them) back out of them...
3. I have credit for more books at good prices .....all at the same time.

I couldn't take the rest in since I was limited to 3 bins a day. I will likely take the rest over another day - or who knows, now that I am in the system, they may mail another "double trade in credit coupon" LOL Anyway, they will go one way or another. Even at regular trade in I get something.

Now I looked on their website and there is one in VA, but not real close to you. It's in Woodbridge -

2904 Prince William Parkway
Woodbridge, VA 22192

If however, you go north often, it might be something you want to pursue. I am sure you can take the books there and get something out of them but it's not going to be a lot of money. However, with this thought in mind you might want to call them and see if they will be expanding in Staunton or somewhere closer - or see if there is someplace like this near you. Even on a small scale it might work.


Crozet, VA

Thank you so much for this information.....you are full of great ideas recently Debbie. I just realized the other day there is a book store nearby who does trade ins. They give you store credit for the books you have. I thought that it would at least solve the problem of feeling so terrible about the money I feel I wasted and I can begin putting together a children's library for my grand children with the store credit. I plan to contact this particular store when I am at the point, and the weather nice enough to get out and about one day.

I will try contacting the Woodbridge store and see if they can put me in touch with someone closer to me. That is a bit of a drive, but might be something that my hubby will agree to helping me with one day. Again, I thank you so much for passing along this great info.

Before I put much thought in to this, I had already packed up quite a few to be donated. Don't feel like going back through the already closed boxes, so will just learn to not be so hasty in the future.

It sounds as though you have a really good head on your shoulders and come up with some really good ideas on saving a few bucks. The collection of books that I know I will be keeping is almost a complete collection of true crime write Ann Rule's books. Most I have read, but there are a few that I bought and never read. I already put them aside and also have a lot more decorating types of books that I enjoy looking at from time to time which I will keep. It has been interesting to see by my choice of selection, what kind of moods I was in at any given time. I came upon several on the topic of dealing with teenagers and early adulthood children. hahaha Oh yeah, definitely holding on to garden related books too because they are informative and lots of great pictures.

Anyway....thanks for taking the time to write and let me know about this. Gonna contact them soon.


Newark, DE

You're welcome Ruby. I'm glad I could help!!

As for your books already boxed...what a great place to start! They are ready to go!! I'd take those to the place near you that does store credit trade-ins. That way, they are gone from your house and you have something for your effort. It's close and easier to get to when you want some "new" books for your credit or have more to trade in. I know Woodbridge isn't close and would be a real hassle to go to, but I thought if you went north for anything (visit family, anything medical up toward Arlington, DC, etc) it might be a place to go. If you don't, it would be easier to stay close to home. Then when there is a book you want to read, just pick it up with your free credit you've accumulated. Get another box, stick it in your car to take back any more you read for more trade in. Once you read a book (if it isn't a keeper) put it in the box so you have it when you are in town. When you go back you can do a trade in on the box you've filled and still get the ones you're looking for. That keeps your trade in value credit up there to get others and keeps them from building up in your house again. The best part is not wasting a lot of money on books at retail prices. That's what I plan to do.

I am an avid reader. I read while I watch TV because TV shows are so shallow, it only takes a few brain cells to follow them. I usually know who who did what to whom, whitin the first few minutes. So I listen to the show but read at the same time. If something happens I want to see I just peek up at the screen and then back to my book. I also am always taking someone to a doctor's appointment. I have had to take family members to 4 apointments this week. So, that's a good time to read too, (unless I need to be with the person to hear what the doctor says and keep it straight, like with Dad). I even read standing in line at stores, the post office, wherever. It's time I have to be there so I use it, rather than waste it.

I don't know where you live in your town but if you have a lot of neighbors, people who walk on sidewalks near your house this might appeal to you. I'd do it in a heartbeat if I lived somewhere like that. I don't. People don't walk by my house. But you have to check this out! Some people get stores or coffee shops they frequent to make one. It's such a cool idea, free for all and if it's in front of your house you'd always get "first dibs" on anything that gets traded in. I love this idea - check it out.


Thanks for the compliment. Yes, I have learned many ways to save money. I was brought up from a pretty poor background. I walked the roads to get pop bottles to make enough money for milk for my baby brother, so yeah I think it has carried all through my life. But my thrifty ways have helped me make it through some tough times. I see it as a good thing not bad. I have made it my habit and it helped me buy my house by myself (something women didn't do in 1989) when I did so. I paid it off early, paid cash for my vehilcles and owe nothing but monthly utility bills, insurance and property taxes. That's a good thing because my significant other (almost DH - but SO seems weird LOL) was seriously injured 4 years ago and is now disabled. We make ends meet just fine because we don't have any debt. So, yeah it was hard, particularly when I was young, but I worked hard, sometimes 3 jobs at a time to save all I could when I could. Now I am unable to work due to medical problems, and so is "DH". Where would we be if I had not been so thrifty? It pays off in the end, in many ways to be thrifty. I'm happy to share anything I have learned with anyone. You welcomed me here when I had a couple sort of "short" replies to other posts before, so I do consider you a friend and the main reason I stayed on DG and kept posting. Now I have found some other friends, but I owe it to you! Thank you for your kind words and encouragement when I needed it.


Crozet, VA

Oh my gosh....Didn't realize that I had any impact on your continuing to participate in Dave's. Thank you so much for sharing that with me. I know that I stumbled upon Dave's Garden website about seven or eight years ago when researching vacuum cleaners and was linked up with a conversation here. Gardening is something that always held my interest even though in the past I had never really had the funds to do much about my interest. At that time I had just inherited quite a nice chunk of change and was able for the first time in my life to purchase plants and things that I hadn't been able to before.

I became involved with the Mid Atlantic Gardeners group here at Dave's and usually chatted daily on some subject or another. I had only been here a few months when diagnosed with breast cancer. Phew!!! I have been dealing with another chronic illness since my late twenties, which makes it almost thirty years now. I naively thought that I was immune to most other forms of disease because of already having one, so was really taken aback that I was going to have to deal with cancer.....anyway, I shared my new medical journey with folks on the mid atlantic forum and the people there all seemed to go out of there way to minister to and encourage me. I began to rely on the group for my daily boost.

I joined Daves during the winter months about the next May the mid atlantic gardeners here decided to host a plant swap where the chatters could all meet and bring any of their plants overages and share with those who wanted what they had. We had just inherited over seven hundred Day Lilies from the farm place where my husband grew up when his folks sold the farm. We had lots of Day Lilies to share at the swap when it took place. Upon arriving at the hosts house the day of the swap I was truly amazed by such a high caliper of people who were there that day. Over the years my husband and I have attended swaps with this same group of folks each spring and fall and much of our gardens have come from the gardens of the other Dave's chatters.

In these seven or eight years I have never been let down by the love and acceptance of most of the folks I have met at Dave's. I guess for a while I was living in some sort of denial about there possibly being mean spirited folks at Dave's, but I soon learned that pretty much every time I ventured out side the mid atlantic group, I was often met with some real nasties, which believe me, I didn't need in my life.

Anyway......living with many limitations....one being able to walk any sort of distance without pain issues have pretty much left me using the computer as my main social outlet. I do not need nasty and run the other direction when faced with it. I do know that the love and concern of the majority of Dave's folks have played a major role in me being able to claim that I have a very satisfactory life style these and am over five years cancer free, thank you very much and praise God for it. Anyway....I always try to treat folks the way I want to be treated, and don't see a need for any nastiness to enter in to a garden or housekeeping chat.

I hope that you will feel free to always use this forum as a place where you can expect respect for your ideas and expect to be treated respectfully. I will have to add here that the folks I have been involved with on the clean and clutter free forums have always acted in the best of ways to me also. I know that any successes I have had when dealing with my clutter issues, my main help has come from the folks here. Things seem a bit quiet currently and for some time, but a couple of years ago there was a nice sized group who chatted almost daily. Without the encouragement and support of that group of women, I know that I would be where I was a few years ago and continuing to be bombarded with hoarding tendencies and not knowing exactly what to do about it.

I now know that I can here come and bring up topics and get some good feed back from folks who are either dealing with the same issue, or have dealt successfully with it and are willing to share tips to help. That is the name of the game....as you said, sharing your knowledge with those who are in need of it. That is one of the ways I have dealt with the issue of chronic illness.......I made a pact early on with God that I would continue to suffer but he needed to arrange it so that my suffering was not in naught, but could be used in the future to help other struggling with the same issues.

For now Debbie, good to hear from you as always.....hope you are having a great day. Take good care and please continue to write whenever you can.


Yucaipa, CA(Zone 10a)

@ huckleberry6 ~ Thanks for the compliment! I'm glad that you liked it! :) I was wondering what "2nd' flower image I was going to use for my submission to judging for an upcoming flower show. I wasn't sure about that choice of flower image would be good to show. Now that I know it actually has merit by someone liking it, I think I'll go ahead & make a print of it. Thanks for the inspiration to do that! :)

Gotta scoot and run some errands. Y'all have a nice weekend if I don't get the chance to get on here again! Catch y'all later!

~~ Fleur_2011

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