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Indoor gardening

Do you grow any vegetables inside? I have a few set up in front of windows. I also use grow lights.

Arlington, TX

Window + Grow lights usually gives enough light.
only thing is temperature regulation.plants usually like temps a bit warmer then people do.

Lebanon, CT

Prettygurl, this year we created a plant room in our basement with LED light because we miss the taste of real fresh tomatoes so much in the winter (I am in CT). I found that the tomatoes love the lights and am getting fruit but some plants find them too intense. I moved them out from under the lights and they are doing better. Parsley likes the light, but cilantro doesn't. The room has water and a fan and vents to circulate the air with the rest of the basement. I am hoping to have enough tomatoes next year to share! Seems this gardening thing is always a learning experience and nothing beats practice. Good luck I will be interested to hear how you do.

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