SOLVED: Autumn foliage tree, no closeup

Navan, Ireland

Hi again.
This colours later than the Nyssa previously submitted. Sorry about the lack of a closeup but any ideas would be appreciated. Again, taken in Mt. Usher gardens.

Thumbnail by lortay
Northumberland, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)

Possibly Red Maple? That's only a guess though, no confidence in it at all.


Navan, Ireland

Hi Resin,
I have tried to magnify it, but no dice! I will have to visit it again, I'm afraid, very long shot.

Raleigh, NC(Zone 7b)

I agree w/Resin, looks like it could be a red maple (based on colour) but that's just a guess. If you do visit again, get a close-up of the foliage (even if all the leaves have fallen) so we can see the shape. Also a close-up of the branches to show the leaf arrangement and buds would be very helpful.

Navan, Ireland

Thanks folks. It does look quite like A. rubrum 'October Glory' that a friend of mine has but I did not even see this tree close up. The help is really appreciated.

Bonners Ferry, ID(Zone 6b)

I, too, would have thought it's from the Maple family. Wish my plant I.D. skills were better, especially for trees. By the way, Mt. Usher garden in one of my very favorites places in Ireland. The first picture book I received of Ireland had the most gorgeous photo of a scene there--it looked like I pictured the Garden of Eden would have looked. I had to see it for myself, hence our first trip to Ireland. I took many photos of that lovely spot.

Navan, Ireland

For leafpeeper:

Thumbnail by lortay Thumbnail by lortay
Archbold, OH

I am thinking maple also, and red maple is a good match. If it was here in the U.S. I would be more likely to think red maple, but since you are from Ireland I don't know what types of maples or other trees grow around there.

From what I can see in the photo the branch structure and leaves make me think maple but from that distance it is hard to tell.
Many types of maples can have the orangish color of the one in your photo.

I work with a lot of maples in bonsai (they are one of my favorites) and maples generally have that powerful branch structure with a lot of slight bends in the trunk like in your picture.

Navan, Ireland

Thanks to all,
I will repost next year when I get a close photo.

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