Salvia regla

Arlington, TX

So late to bloom for me but always a welcome autumn suprise.

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Candor, NC

All of mine are late this year. The three I have are Jame (my collection from Coahuila); the Huntington BG form (a garden hybrid from their Salvia regla bed; and the Queretaro form (original collection from two sites in that Mexican state by Fred Boutin when he was at thee Huntington.)

The last form is probably one of the parents of the second form, the other parent likely to be a Big Bend form.

BTW, does anyone know where the Big Bend forms can be bought? These include Mount Emory and Warnock's Choice.

The images are the following three forms, in this order:

Huntington form
Queretaro form
Jame, Coahuila form

The Huntington form may be as floriferous as the Queretaro form, which is more subtropical and grows faster.

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Arlington, TX

I have no idea which form it is. Mine always bloom late though.

Donna in Douglas, GA(Zone 8b)

Strangely my Jame bloom early around the end of July and again in late October and still blooming today! It just keep on flushing out new blooms. I must be doing something right!

Arlington, TX

How difficult are they to start from seed? I looked for seed on my own plants (two, seperated) and have found none.

Candor, NC

This year, because of the coolness and rain, I am already collecting some seed. The Huntington form is leading the other two that I have.

Seed will germinate, but collect it when it is ripe in the calyx (turning dark brown). Picking while it is fully grown, but still green, results in low germination. The percentage increases with the darkening of the color of the seed. In any case, germination may only be around 50%. You will have to monitor the plants daily to catch ripe seed before it falls.

Arlington, TX

I have had only a few blooms. Mine always bloom in fall.

Candor, NC

We've been having a lot of late afternoon rain lately, and came through a relatively cool spring, which is probably the most important factor.

Arlington, TX

I agree, blooming seems to be controlled by temperature.

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