euphorbia advice

Arlington, TX

I bought this ugly guy at walmart on the sale rack. This summer he grew what looked oddly like two giant breasts. I pulled those off today but am wondering the best way to root them?

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Arlington, TX

the babes

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Decatur, GA

It was trying to put out branches. Put the amputated limbs in dry soil for a while. Most euphorbias do fine Dec-Feb without any water.
Lots of Euphorbias are tough and tolerant except about water in the winter.

Arlington, TX

The whole plant is mishapen so the branching just looked worse. Should I let them callus over out of the dirt, like a cactus?

Baja California, Mexico(Zone 11)

I don't think any special waiting period is necessary, as long as you don't water for a week or two. I'd just pot them up, put them in bright shade, and water sparingly over the winter. If the pot is small and the mix is light, it will dry pretty fast even if the plant isn't drinking. Wait until you see new growth on top before ramping up the water and light. Maybe in the spring. I water my Euphorbias over the winter, mostly with the goal of letting them dry in between each time, but of course your mileage may vary in a more severe climate.

Arlington, TX

Mine have to be moved indoors so watering can get tricky, especially in a cool house.

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